JROCK cosplay at Ohayocon?

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#1 yukkedesu on 13 years ago

Just wondering if anyone is going to be doing any jrock cosplay this year. I'm thinking of doing..

Yukke from MUCC.
Seek from PLC. (With PV)
And another from PLC. Maybe Michi no Sora Lida or Aya.

#2 Lyn on 13 years ago

I most likely will be bringing my Michi no Sora Daishi for some point of the con. ^^ Might possibly have my Yura-sama with me if I can convince her to bring the costume.

#3 animeroxmysox13 on 13 years ago

i might....smile hyde or stay away hyde...maybe a mana...or kana...i need to make up my mind^^;

#4 yukkedesu on 13 years ago

I am doing Michi no Sora Aya. Tis confirmed! Trying to get the Yura-sama to go, and our possible Daishi..And I really want my friend to do Seek or Lida. I never cosplayed Aya much before and now I just want to. But I love that dress. I wanna get some heart contacts for my eyes. XD

#5 kaohotplate on 13 years ago

I will probly only have one jrock cosplay for Ohayo 06. I'm toying with the idea of doing a Zero (D'espairsRay) cosplay ^_^;;; since he IS my current obsession. But I've been wanting to do a new Dir en grey cosplay...and a Mucc cosplay XDDD and a Mana cosplay!! SO WHO REALLY KNOWS AT THIS POINT XDDD haha. I'm really leaning toward Zero, though ^_^;;; It will just be really hard and expensive =P so we'll see...


#6 ParaPara*Tsu on 13 years ago

no Miyavis?

I'll be going as the Tariraritarara Ringmaster Miyavi, and Michiko will be Freedom Fighters Miyavi, and Keiko will be the great Ashita,Genki ni taare with orange skirt and flag Miyavi! ^_^

All together, known as MiKaVi! (using real names! lol)

#7 Starlit Rose on 13 years ago

Well a group of friends and I are planning to do Imitation PoPs 宇宙戦隊 NOIZ cosplay (Zero no Keifu outfits), and I hope this works out. XD I myself will be cosplaying Masato. (Wish me luck lol @[email protected])

As for costumes for the rest of the weekend...it depends on who's going. XD I have a couple of friends that want to go but might not be able to. If they do go, then I'll likely be wearing Yokan Toshiya. If they don't, I might end up wearing it anyways. Either that, or I'll be talked into wearing my Myaku Kaoru AGAIN. >_>;; We'll see what happens though. XD;; May update later. ^^

#8 Tenshinoitami1 on 13 years ago

If I go I'm planning to try and bring the following from Dir en grey:

Macabre Kaoru
Yokan Kaoru
Indies Kaoru

I can't really make any new costumes due to time and money but those costumes are all either done or half way made.

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