Winchester Mystery House gathering 2008 : 10/31/08

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#1 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

To those living in San Francisco, CA or the Bay Area:

It's that time of the year again! Halloween is coming up, and I thought I would start this thread early to give the Bay Area cosplayers notice about the annual gathering I plan to host once again.

For those of you who don't know about the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose,CA please check out the website for more information about this historical landmark:


I plan to have a cosplay (anime, video-game, j-rock, or other) gathering at the site, but it DOES NOT mean we plan to take the guided, flashlight tour. (That is expensive, $40+, and usually all tours that night sell out long before Halloween.) Instead, our group will meet first at the location, (makesure to park on the sides by the theaters since there's more parking there) mingle with all the other kids there for the tour, and then walk outside the mansion in the GARDENS for the free GARDEN TOUR. The tour has an arranged path, and at various locations there are workers who give out FREE CANDY so besure to say "Trick or Treat!" and start collecting. After the tour, we'll take pictures around the gardens, which is very eerie and yet beautiful. Overall it is a unique experience for cosplayers who want to do something different, and avoid the crowds & drunken party-goers.. Plus you will have fun surprising the kids & non-anime people in costume.

Here's the information for the gathering (times subject to change):

Winchester Mystery House Halloween Gathering 2008

DAY : Friday, October 31st, 2008
TIME : 7:00pm to 11:00pm (or later)
LOCATION : Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA
REQUIREMENT : Please wear a costume (can be anime, video-game, j-rock, sci-fi/fantasy, or whatever you like)

Hope to see everyone who can make it this year!

[b]UPDATE:[/b] I've made a tentative-schedule for the evening's events, to give people an idea of what we'll be doing.

before 7:00pm: If you get there before 7:00pm, you may look around the gift-shop, get a snack to eat at the cafe, or look around the courtyard and visit the gun museum, arcade, or watch the free magic-show.

7:00-7:15pm : Meet in the Courtyard (through gift-shop and then out doors by the cafe) Look for other cosplayers and feel free to mingle.

7:20pm : Big Group Photo

7:30pm : We start the Garden Tour

8:00pm : Meet back in gift-shop after Garden Tour

8:15pm : Take individual-pictures of each cosplayer in courtyard

8:45pm : Start 2nd Garden Tour

9:15pm : Meet back in gift-shop

9:30pm : Head to Chilli's (those who are going)

post-Chilli's : Drive home safely!

IMPORTANT: Weather reports show the forecast for Halloween Friday will call for rain & showers so if you are coming to the gathering, please bring an umbrella or bring a poncho. Hopefully this won't discourage you all from coming and wearing your planned-costume.

See you all this weekend!

#2 kimu on 12 years ago

This was such a great event last year, my first time to really meet Bay Area cosplayers. Everyone was awesome and it was a wonderful time.
I will be back again this year!

This year....
Abel Nightroad needs some trick or treats, especially the candy treats!

#3 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

[U]Rules & Guidelines for the WMH gathering[/U]

I usually don't make a list of rules for the event, but it's always nice to tell everyone that while we're there to have fun on Halloween, good behavior is required throughout the evening so that there's no incidents or drama.

Respect the WMH staff & guests : Each year I hold the gathering at the WMH because it is open to the public, and the staff there are very nice. They're also under the impression that we're there to take the mansion tour, but we're actually there to walk around the gardens, check out the gift-shop, rifle-museum, etc. The idea of blending-in with the other costumers & tourists there has worked every year, and we want to continue the tradition. So be polite to the staff and guests who are there.

[b]noise-level :[/b] It's important to remember we're not at a con, so please don't shout too loud to disrupt other guests. And, when in the courtyard, if the staff-magician is doing his show, don't make loud noises (and please don't try to ruin his show..) He's there to entertain the younger-audiences in the crowd, but feel free to watch if you like.

[b]running : [/b] In the courtyard and garden tour, please don't run around playing tag or chasing after one-another, like if Axel is chasing after Roxas, (or any of the other infamous-pairings) and no tackle-glomps please..

[b]weapons :[/b] Even though this isn't a con, we are in a public place, so a weapons policy is important. You may bring wooden swords, or keyblades. Live-steel weapons are permitted, but keep them sheathed unless you're asked to take it out for pictures. Even then, use caution. As for guns, you Resident Evil & MGS cosplayers may bring airsofts, but makesure they have an orange-tip on them. And like for swords, keep them holstered unless asked for pictures. And please DON'T aim them at anyone who's not in our cosplay group Last thing we need is someone outside our group reporting to the staff or security about us. Just be smart about the weapon (prop or replica) that you're bringing to the gathering.

bringing friends : most of the people who are going know each other, as we've gone to cons together in the bay area. If you are bringing friends with you, cosplayers or non-cosplayers, they are welcome to join us, but please tell them about these rules & guidelines as well.

Chilli's : It looks like we're going to have a big group going to the post-gathering dinner, and while we'll try to all sit-together, we'll first ask our server if we can split the bill into small sections (like 4-5 in a group.) If we're allowed to do that, then each section is responsible for their bill. IF we CAN'T split up the bill, then the one big bill is always a killer.. It happens everytime : the amount of cash that people give ends up short. :thumbsup: I advise people to bring more than enough cash to include tax & tip. Be prepared to give an extra $1 or more if we end up short. I don't want one person to shell out the remaining balance; let's all help to pitch-in.

Overall, i know the gathering at the WMH will be fun, and i know everyone will be on their best behavior that evening. Thanks for reading these guidelines and if you have any questions, feel free to reply here or send me a PM.

Thanks, and see you this Halloween!

#4 KittyCatChi on 12 years ago

:bigtu: looking forward to another night of fun and suggestive pictures with fountains lol
Juggling between a couple of costumes atm...Soul Eater or Dogs...hmm =/ either one I'm wearing flat shoes, my feet nearly died from doing heels last year :waaaah:

#5 ININ on 12 years ago

Last year I cosplayed as Edward. Came straight from work. I'm learning towards Chrono Harlaown from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I give a definite answer closer to Halloween.

I had a great time meeting new people. I'm looking forward for this year's Halloween event XD

#6 Yukari Kaiba on 12 years ago

I am definitely going to this :D missed out last year, but since Halloween is on a Friday this year no need to worry about it being on a school night XD
will probably either wear Tres Iqus or maybe go as Yuki from Vampire Knight.

#7 Eurobeat King on 12 years ago

So good to hear that people are interested in making it this year. :) If i don't have to work this year i'll head down to San Jose early and take some day-time pics of the garden. Since Saw 5 opens a week early this year (the 24th) i'll watch it a few days before Halloween, so come the 31st the gathering will be the only thing on my mind.

If anyone can be at the WMH during the afternoon, I'll be happy to take pics of your costume while there's daylight. Again, this is only if i don't have to work that morning.. I'll know probably 2 weeks before Halloween.

#8 Lisu on 12 years ago

oh I've been looking forward to this ever since I missed it last year (that, and I injured myself before the NorCal picnic).
Planing on going, perhaps with company, and hopefully with a Halloween-ish flavor.

#9 RyuHayabusaDOA2 on 12 years ago

I'll be there to take pics in the afternoon if i can. I'll ask anyone else who wants to come with me to this as well. I missed it last year, but not this year cause it falls on a friday for a change lol. So count me in :3

#10 Eboni Ninja on 12 years ago

I am coming too, this is my first time attending but I heard that it was fun. It's a good event to attend now too old to go Trick or Treating. Can't wait to see everyone there :)

#11 Kiara004 on 12 years ago

I'm definitely going to be there. I was really sad I couldn't make it last time, but this time, nothing will stop me! I haven't decided what costume I'm going to wear. Right now, I'm thinking probably Orochimaru. it would be a perfect costume for that setting. However, if I end up getting my Akatsuki cloak before then, I'll probably go as Itachi so that I don't have to deal with the annoying portions of my Orochimaru costume.

#12 cherryteagirl5 on 12 years ago

I'm hoping to go, since it'll be on a Friday. Not sure which costume to bring though, I'll come up with one when the time comes.

#13 videogirlc on 12 years ago

Will try really hard to make it after work. Don't know what costume though.

#14 Kiara004 on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=videogirlc;2618069]Will try really hard to make it after work. Don't know what costume though.[/QUOTE]

Yay! you're coming! That'll make it more fun. People I know, lol. Be Beryl! Spooky house....perfect setting for her.

#15 Ritsuko on 12 years ago

Oh, I wish wish wish we would already be living down there for it! I've been wanting to go sicne the last time Y-Con was on Halloween weekend. . .