D.Gray-man 2009?

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#1 crash_override on 10 years ago

Do we have anyone? Hahaha :P

I always see a few around CC and I thought it would be cool if we can have a gathering since I'm doing a DGM cosplay for '09 along with a few others. Whaddaya sayyyy? :D

[U]DAY & TIME:[/U] Sunday, 11:30 AM
[U]WHERE:[/U] Ballroom 20d (by outdoor patio area).
I'll continue to update up until late Saturday night or early Sunday morning of Comic Con. Keep 'em comin'!

Black Order
1) crash_override - General Klaud Nyne (Casual/Invasion)
2) zer0_0verride - Allen Walker (Casual/First Uniform)
3) xLavix - Lavi
4) vincarel - Allen Walker (Crowned Clown)
5) Thegirlinred93 - Linali Lee
6) chibikkoda - Grave of Maria
7) samiii - Linali Lee
8) Constants - Lavi (Third Uniform)
9) Constants's friend - Miranda Lotto (Third Uniform OR black dress)
10) six-illusions + group - Kanda Yu + Marian Cross, Arystar Krory, Allen Walker, Lavi

Noah Clan
1) pastbehind - Debitto
2) Ayra-chan - Millennium Earl


Black Order
1) Toshi_Riku - Allen Walker (Omega Crowned Clown)
2) xLavix's friend - Allen Walker
3) CloakedSchemer - Fou
4) pastbehind - Allen Walker

Noah Clan
1) hinaxchan - Rhode Kamelot

#2 crash_override on 10 years ago

lol really??

#3 Toshi_Riku on 10 years ago

really thinking of going next year so ya
Omega for me

#4 La Tulipe Noire on 10 years ago

Aw, darn. My cosplay group is planning a D.gray-man cosplay, but not until the year after. 2009 we're going to do One Piece. Though if you do get something together, I'll be sure to look around for you. I was very excited to see all the D.gray-man cosplays this year.

#5 crash_override on 10 years ago

agreed, i don't see that many DGM cosplay at all :[
that's unfortunate! one piece rocks though, good job haha.

i'll update the list!

@ Toshi_Riku: just to be sure, that's allen's omega crowned clown right? if it is, i'm really excited to see it ;_;

#6 chibichibi328 on 10 years ago

haha, I think my friends and I will have a pretty decent sized D Gray Man cosplay group =) It'll depend on the day that we bring our costumes though, being that most of the group will only be there over the weekend, unless some miracle happens over the next 10 months.


If all goes well there may be a Lenalee, Lavi, Komui, Kanda, Miranda and Allen. *crosses fingers*

#7 Toshi_Riku on 10 years ago

@Crash - ya its critical point one with the sword

#8 crash_override on 10 years ago

@chibichibi328 - woowwwww! good luck and let me know if anything happens :]

@Toshi_Riku - got it! that's what i thought lol

#9 xLavix on 10 years ago

I'll go as Lavi! I have an Allen that may go as well.. But I need to know where... And Yeah, I''' be a short Lavi.. I'm 14! XD

#10 chibichibi328 on 10 years ago

mhm. I'm crossing my fingers right now! we're still looking for groupies who are willing to spend that much on cosplay....

#11 La Tulipe Noire on 10 years ago

Although it is nice that it IS the sort of cosplay that is rare. Then people get more excited to see it, especially if it is done well. It's not like the annoying 'omg, there's ANOTHER one' type of thing.
Thank you. ^^ We have all the crew besides Franky and Brooke. Plus, a Vivi and possibly Kalifa.

Annnyway, I would love to start working on my D.gray-man costume early. I could pull off the Kanda in his strangely infamous sweater by next year (=D?), but I won't have the time for the full on exorcist outfit yet.

@Chibi I know you! XD I wanna see your D.gray-man cosplay too! I'm gonna hunt down some Exorcists.

Otherwise, good luck all!

#12 chibichibi328 on 10 years ago

@ La Tulipe: O.o....*checks costume list* OMG IT'S YOU from that one Ouran cosplay Con this past summer!!! =P You guys are awesome =) My friend who's cosplaying Lavi is obsessed with your group...she cosplayed Near that Saturday XD I have a few pics that I need to send you of your group =P

#13 crash_override on 10 years ago

ufufufu i hope we get a decent turnout at the gathering. right now i'm aiming towards sunday or saturday depending on how the other gatherings pan out. also sometime around noon because i know how hot it gets >>

strangely, it's wayyyy hotter now in san diego than it was during comic con 08.

i think the main reason there aren't many DGM cosplays is because it's still somewhat "underground" in comparison to bleach and naruto, per se. also the cost of making or even buying the excorcist outfits, as well as the temperature (especially during summer).
highlight for spoiler (not sure how far people are): which is why i'm cheating and making nine's casual outfit during the invasion >>

@xLavix: oh wow, lavi's one of my favorite characters! i'll go ahead and put you and your friend down. and don't worry, my sister is short too and she's cosplaying allen. i'm not that much taller than her, either.

#14 La Tulipe Noire on 10 years ago

@ Chibi: Thank you! ^^ Oh? I remember a Near that followed us around a little if that was your friend she was a very good Near. And she'll be Lavi? How cute! Oh? Pictures! Yay! We've been looking for some. Surprisingly there are not a lot.

@Crash: I am glad it is not as popular as Naruto or Bleach. I hate anime that is that popular. But, they are dubbing D.gray-man probably as we speak...

You make me want to do Kanda cosplay right now. I could do that same version for Kanda (Which is a nice outfit for him honestly.), or the sweater and still technically be cosplaying, but I'd be running around as both Sanji and Kanda. But yeah, if you figure out details anytime soon I'll try to put that together because it sounds fun. I'll have to check with my group though, although senpai kept running around as both Tamaki and an Organization member... Soo...

#15 chibichibi328 on 10 years ago

@Tulipe: Yesh, I get those to you when I get back to my desk top....currently at school on my laptop which has like no pictures on it....Yep, that's our lavi...hopefully we'll be able to get an Allen by the time we want to get our cosplays....I'm pretty sure we've got everyone else....

Mmm when you pick a day let me know, I probably will only be at con for Saturday and Sunday, and I've already committed myself to the Sailor Moon gathering....but Aurora (our organizer) is pretty flexible about dates....as of now at least.....

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