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#1 SFDevotion on 10 years ago

Hello everyone,

I'm sure almost all of you know Ryu from Street Fighter. Before I go into the whole "serious" cosplayer talk, I want to point out that I do not cosplay many characters. I'm very strict about my cosplays, and want to do justice to the brands I represent.

For many years I wanted to cosplay Ryu because I love the series, and that my friends always said I can "pull off his look". To me, that is very important, especially when it is a character without a mask. Last year (2007), I cosplayed Ryu for Udon Entertainment and Capcom. It was my first time and I really took it to heart that if I was going to do it for their convention appearances, I had to do it right. From the costume, face, poses, expression and voice... the costume had to be REAL; as in real Karate Gi (torn, not cut), real gloves, carry his bag, wear nothing on my feet, and stay in character all the time, even when off-camera.

I guess the best way to show you my costume is my gallery, so please have a look.

As for community feedback, here are some tips for a good Ryu:

- Do not wear anything on your feet unless you are Ryu from SF1.
- Do not smile unless the moment permits it. Ryu rarely smiles unless he's with friends or an honourable opponent. Or if he's in front of a pile of food.
- DO NOT USE SCISSORS to rip your Karate Gi. Tear with your hands.
- Cover up your tattoos if you have any.
- Don't use boxing gloves. Ryu uses brown or red Karate gloves. NOT BLACK.
- Ryu's eyes are Brown (most art) or Blue (in some art).
- Once your costume is complete, roll around in dirt.
- DO NOT wear glasses!
- Learn his poses and fighting stances.

Last but not least... I want to clarify the biggest misconception about Ryu cosplays: that he's all about the muscles. It is imperative to know that Ryu IS NOT about his size. Think about this: if a person was very muscular and wore a blue shirt, would he be recognized as Ryu? Likely not. He's just a guy in a blue shirt. But if a thin guy wore a white gi and red headband, would he have better luck of being recognized as Ryu? Indeed. This is not to say that having a toned body wouldn't help. I hired 3 personal trainers and bulked up for over a year, and I'm quite happy with my size. I REFUSED to do steroids. So if you're thinking of cosplaying Ryu, ask if you have his presence first. That's what matters most. The look in his eyes when he's about to be challenged. The way he walks. The way he speaks. The way he fights.

Goodluck. Glad to see there are more and more Ryu cosplayers out there. Hope you've enjoyed my post. Happy Cosplaying!

#2 eva_edwards on 10 years ago

Hello and welcome to cosplay.com... if you have any questions about anything don't be affraid to ask... hope you have fun....

#3 SFDevotion on 10 years ago

He is a very nice guy; we became very good friends. If you check out the intro video on our website ([url]www.StreetFighterDevotion.com[/url]) you'll notice his voice near the end.

#4 zigcat on 10 years ago

Hey man, I think I remember you from AX07. You were a great Ryu. Keep it up :]

#5 SFDevotion on 10 years ago

hey I remember you too! Good times!