Panel Submissions are... Processing?

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#1 AJisEverywhere on 7 years ago

If anybody has any idea what's going on with AM2's panel submissions/programming schedule, I'm trying to find out more. :/ My emails don't seem to get through, the forms have no receipt, and I just recently found I couldn't register for the forums because I was on a "spammer" list somehow.

I've maybe contacted them twice total? And no responses. ;_; Just starting to count down the days to con and wondering if I'm inevitably slipping through the cracks, or if they just take a while to weed through their scheduling...

I hate being obnoxious, but I haven't bought passports yet simply because I was expecting to have a panel pass at least one day. :/ Thanks to anyone with input!

#2 tdei on 7 years ago

I'm sorry to hear that. I've been hanging around their forums the last few days and one or two other people also opened a thread inquiring about panels.


A staff member came to help by asking the concerned panelists email the department in charge, so they can look into it. The email address is in the thread. Hope that helps!

#3 AJisEverywhere on 7 years ago

It may, if my email address isn't registered as spam... >_<

I guess maybe I'll maybe send them something from another account, to at least see if I'm added by mistake? ~awk~ward...~