New anime survey questions for my con show

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#1 Sonic Whammy on 7 years ago

Hello again, everyone.

A while back, a bunch of you that I sought out helped me by answering survey questions for my new Anime Card Sharks game show panel that I'm debuting at I-Con this month. It's been awesome getting so many opinions from you guys.

Well, we're doing it again. I've got a series of new surveys ready to go. And this time, you can come to me. [URL=""]Right here on my new site, you can click on the survey form at the bottom of the page and play along in an instant.[/URL]

And for any of you that have answered questions for me in the past, our new surveys include questions in: Cosplay, Con travel, Pokemon, Naruto, martial arts, Kingdom Hearts, Hellgirl & My Little Pony. There's other categories for you new faces, so drop on in. I hope a lot of you will help out.

If you have any questions (not surveys... yet) for me, shoot.