Do I look enough like the person I want to cosplay?

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#1 jawn on 6 years ago

I really want to cosplay Frodo Baggins but several of my friends had conflicting reactions. A couple said that I look like Frodo while others say I don't look ANYTHING like him and it'd end up a wreck.

Well that sucks.

I want to know if I look enough like Frodo to cosplay him. Of coarse with makeup I'd make myself look more like him. Heres a pic of him:

I tried finding a pic of me that doesn't look like rubbish. The one here isint exactly what I look like. I have larger eyes (I just squint when I smile widely) (And those aren't my ears)

Is there any way I can alter my face to look more like him? (like for example making eyes bigger with make up, or skin paler etc)

#2 CosplayJelly on 6 years ago

maybe post a pic of u with ur frodo makeup on so we can accurately tell u. makeup can really change a person

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 6 years ago

Agreed, makeup can really change the way your face looks, as will the right wig!

If you want to cosplay Frodo, go for it. Personally, though, I think you'd be even more awesome as one of the elves!