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#1 Crusader_8 on 6 years ago

It says it all on the can.

I was Beetlejuice and Captain America-Link hybrid.

This is not cosplay, but I also was the karaoke winner Friday night and was wondering if anyone caught me on camera/film.

#2 perilousgard on 6 years ago

I'm looking for pictures too! I was Korra from Legend of Korra all weekend and walking around with a Bolin on Friday and a Mako on Saturday.

#3 eccchi on 6 years ago

I'm looking for pictures of myself and some people I was with(since they don't have accounts here).
I was Magnet Megurine Luka on Friday night, all day Saturday I was Stocking Anarchy(sailor dress!), and all day Sunday I was a Gijinka Kyubey!
As for some others; My brother was a Cerberus Soldier from Mass Effect on Friday and Saturday and his girlfriend was Haruko Haruhuara(and she was getting stopped for pictures like every 5 mins so I know some of you have to have some!) all day Friday and Saturday. And if anyone saw them together after 9ish on Saturday, they swapped costumes so a girl in Cerberus Soldier armor with pink hair and a guy wearing Haruko's outfit with no wig. On Saturday their friend was the Illusive Man from Mass Effect.

#4 Renegade Spiral on 6 years ago

I was the Shadow version of Naoto from Persona 4 pretty much all weekend so if anyone has photos I would very much like to see them...? :3

#5 Starshnbrght on 6 years ago

Ok here it is:

Friday Night: Super Smash bros. Brawl- Dark Pit, Princess Peach, and Zelda.
Saturday: Fem!/Genderbent Thor and Loki
Sunday: Sanji with the red boot cover and Chopper with the three feet horns on her head. :)

Much thanks!

#6 Indy Tarquinson on 6 years ago

I was Toph on Friday and Batgirl on Saturday, please let me know if you have a pic of me or the DC/Marvel/Comic photoshoot! Thank you!

#7 noahroo on 6 years ago

I was Lucario on Saturday. (Then later Saturday my little lucario plush flew off my bag somewhere so if you found him take good care ;_; )

#8 HeartlessNobody on 6 years ago

Hey guys! On Saturday I was Alice in her Misstitched dress. I was carrying around a hobby horse. On Sunday I was Sherlock in a bed sheet.


#9 tehkukikookie on 6 years ago

Friday: Taokaka
Saturday: Last Hope Colorway Valentine

Thanks! ^^

#10 Skv012a on 6 years ago

If anyone has my pics as Haru from Rave or one of my buddies as Ky from Guilty Gear, please share and care ^^

#11 Hope4love on 6 years ago

I was the Applejack with a basket of apples on Fri and Sat, Fionna from Adventure Time on Sat, and Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service on Sun

#12 Teh Pocky Ninja on 6 years ago

RED Scout from TF2 on Saturday? Most likely with a bunch of other RED Team members? White/crossplaying? Not wearing a birthday-cake hat?

#13 Kaoshima on 6 years ago

I was a male Tardis, (vest, bowtie, arm garters, ponytail) on Friday, Godot from Phoenix Wright for part of Saturday.

#14 Crusader_8 on 6 years ago

My friend who does not have an account here was the Punisher and is looking for pictures of himself. His cosplay is inspired by the Punisher Warzone movie if that helps.

#15 gearheaded-seamstress on 6 years ago

Hey hey! I was Bolin on Friday and Mako on Saturday, with a Korra by my side~ :D If you saw us, let me or perilousgard know, she was Korra~ <3

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