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#2 MelMuff on 7 years ago

I have been to many cons now. My first con was AC-Cubed in Ottawa back in 2006. It no longer exists but has been replaced with Naru 2U. I go to it every year. It remains a very small con but it's the closest one to where I live. I have also been to G-Anime in Gatineau twice, Anime North three times and Otakuthon three times. This year, I already went to AN and will go to Otakuthon and Naru 2U again later this year. I also plan to attend a mini con in July and Anime Revolution in Vancouver two weeks after Otakuthon. They are hosting a special Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary event, which I cannot miss as SM is my fav Anime ever. I have a huge SM collection.

After all the cons I have been to, Otakuthon is my fav by far. I luv the location. The Palais de Congres is beautiful but my fav place inside the building happens to be the Cosplay Cafe. The look of it is splendid. I especially luv the outside terrace. The attendance is also perfect. Not as many people as AN. This year I found AN overcrowded and doubt I will go back to it in the future.

Sadly though, I will not be volunteering. I did think about it but I live too far away. If there are regular meetings to attend, I wouldn't be able to make it. I would also prefer to enjoy the con anyway. I worry that volunteering could take away too much of my time. Glad that you can volunteer though. You guys keep things running smoothly. Kudos to you.

So I hope to see you there. If you see Katara or a white Neko, that will be me. :)

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#4 MelMuff on 7 years ago

[QUOTE=daydreamer2882;4442145]Aww. I wish you could volunteer. You travel a lot. My parents were wondering if they would let me even go to this con. They don't really understand.[/QUOTE]

Oh! I hope you will be able to make it in the end. Cons were not around when I was a kid and I only found out about AN when I was 20 but at the time, I was too poor to go and had to wait 5 years until I finished college and got a full time job in order to afford to go to AN and luckily I discovered AC-Cubed while in college and it was close by when I lived in residence at college. Maybe one day I can volunteer but it would have to be at Naru 2U in Ottawa and that can only happen once I move to Ottawa. I live near Cornwall so both Ottawa and Montreal are far away for me and are long drives. It's enough that I take a rural bus every weekday to Ottawa because I work downtown. I still live at home with my parents so I am saving on rent but I should move out soon since I will be 31 next week. LOL I am just not quite ready yet and I never had a boyfriend. Plus, I cannot leave my cat. He is special to me as he is my little boy. :D But no matter what, I will attend cons as long as I can. I even attended my first comiccon earlier this year in Ottawa. Man, those are so different than Anime conventions. I might even come to the one in Montreal in September just to see Kevin Sorbo.

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