STEP UP SENPAI :: Shin Megami Tensei @Youma 2012

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#1 Ika on 6 years ago

Will there be any Persona/Digital Devil/Devil Summoner/etc cosplayers coming to Youma this year? And would you want to do a shoot (and when?)
My friend and I will be going as pageant Yosuke and Souji for at least one of the days~

#2 rajamitsu on 6 years ago

Planning on Naoto with my husband as Yu/Souji. A photoshoot would be awesome. Not sure about a time, though. Maybe Saturday morning?

#3 CodeElite on 6 years ago

Hm, I'll be cosplaying Naoto in school uniform.

#4 color on 6 years ago

My friends and I are going as Kanji, Akihiko and Black Frost. There might also be a Shadow Adachi.

I also found this on the Youmacon forum: [url][/url]

#5 WiccanWing on 6 years ago

Ohhh, I loved that game!<3

#6 Raiji Magiwind on 6 years ago

Yes there will be several Persona/SMT gathering over the weekend, including the Dark Hour shoot I host on Saturday night. I usually host them, so defiantly keep an ear at the Youmacon forums...:)

#7 color on 6 years ago

Some Kanji and Black Frost progress...