Boston Skating Event round 2 (06)

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#1 Guardian_Lulu on 12 years ago

yeah no one had said nything bout this yet so i was wondering if were still doing it cause last year was so much fun ^-^

Date: December 9th and December 17th
Time: 9th - 12p 17th - 2pm
Where: Boston Commons Frog Pond

It cost about $12 to get in, this covers skate rental and the admission. (that is the adult one, i remember it being cheaper for ppl under 12 i think). if u dont want to skate but want to hang out inside just ask they should let you in.

done worry about hurtful costumes really, last year there was a moogle mascot and they kept falling but im pretty sure they were ok.

p.s. im not posting who's goibng and not because its kind of a pain at this time to find who is going and to which one so yeah ^-^' gomen nasai

#2 Girl_Shuichi on 12 years ago

It sounds really cool I think Tifa (Im not sure) was thinking of doing it for her b-day thingee But hey I love skating (Only done it twice) I'll do it if I have the time. I even have a winter cosplay I want to do ^_^

#3 JeiC on 12 years ago

I'd be interested in going. Hopefully it'll be on a day that I can make it.

#4 ilikeyaoi on 12 years ago

I'd definatly like to go. Lulu, can you put up a poll and some info, to see if we can start getting plans together?

#5 Erica-taichou on 12 years ago

Holy moly, I was going to post a similar thread today (with some details, too)! XD But I was also going to include a possible photoshoot on the side and maybe some other events. I could post some details if anyone wants.

#6 *Shifty_eyes* on 12 years ago

I'd like to hear your ideas/plans, I always love lots of stuff going on ^^

#7 PurpleThread on 12 years ago

I would love to go. I don't know which outfit I'd wear, I'd be freeing as shu and it would be hazardous as Zelda. I'll have to bump up my organization coat and wear that if I can go.

#8 Crazy Flower on 12 years ago

Maybe I'll wear my chinese outfit (The one I wore to bowling) It served well at halloween, I can make a piece to be a winter spirit or something...

#9 JeiC on 12 years ago

I don't know which one I'll bring. Riku might be a little dangerous to try and skate in even without the blindfold.

#10 Erica-taichou on 12 years ago

[QUOTE=*Shifty_eyes*]I'd like to hear your ideas/plans, I always love lots of stuff going on ^^[/QUOTE]

I was thinking that there could also be a Secret Santa and maybe a trip up to Tokyo Kid if time allows. Anyone else could give some ideas, too! ^_^

#11 Guardian_Lulu on 12 years ago

well the thing bout the secret santa is that alot of us will be broke due to xmas shopping for family so i dun think thats a really good idea unless there's no limit on how cheap u can be ^-^' plus we dun actually know how many ppl r actually showing up so we cant set anything till were actually there. the tokyo kid idea sounds more possible though i remember last year a group of us went to porter to eat noodes after.

#12 ilikeyaoi on 12 years ago

I voted for the 16th, but if I get called back for the musical then I won't be able to go. Hopefully I can get CHRISTMAS SORA done by then, though. :D

#13 PurpleThread on 12 years ago

I would totally want to go, the only problem is, do you have to cosplay, all my completed outfits I think would get damaged if I wore them or I would freeze to death...

#14 Eilonnwy on 12 years ago

I will most likely be there. It doesn't really matter when it is as long as it's the weekend.

#15 Sweet~Pea on 12 years ago

as long as I'm not working I'll probably come and wear winter Raven from Teen Titans