Tekkonkinkreet semi-original 'Black' outfit (sketch)

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#1 Valalight on 9 years ago

so before I make an outfit, I sketch it out.
that is what I did tonight, with a rough idea about an (semi) original Black outfit.

character: Black
anime: tekkonkinkreet

so I was wondering if you fine people could tell me what you think of the idea so far?
I stuck pretty much with parts of outfits he already wears, but added a touch or two of my own.

[CENTER]WARNING! VERY BAD DRAWING SKILLS! ( like for real, I have no skill, I'm not asking you to comment how I draw)[/CENTER]

the out fit would consist of:

- black, half sleeve jacket with word "KURO" on the back, and Minotaur skull on back of hood
- black T-shirt, word "BLACK" on the front
- cargo long shorts, torn in a few spots (no color decided yet)
- green waist pack (fanny pack)
- goggles around neck
- white wraps around forearms
- random shoes

its not a hard cosplay, but thats kinda what im going for.

and I'm contemplating making a mini 'White' doll, like he carries around toward the end of the movie


[CENTER]so please tell me what you think and what you would recommend! <3[/CENTER]