Bleach Cosplay Chess 2009

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#16 doragon on 11 years ago

First off, yay! Videos!

Second, nothing really to update about the chess game since I'm still trying to figure out the time [and I've been lazy, mopey and kind of looking for a job xD] I was hoping to settle a time for the game before I opened up the roster, since I wanted to make sure people would be able to be there - but I'll probably open it on Tomorrow or Monday [depending on when I wake up and if its enough warning time ... or before I have to go to work and yadda]

Anywho, so yeah... I'll either open it tomorrow or Monday.
STILL need to think of which time. Last year it seemed difficult with having it at like 10am, which is why I'm hesitant but if people don't mind it being that early-ish then I'll probably settle on that o-o

#17 doragon on 11 years ago

Okay, I'm opening the Roster up, but I probably won't be able to respond or reply to anyone's posts for a while since I have to have to go to work for a few hours today.
Should I post the roster being open in the Bleach Gathering threads on this board and the Fanime ones? xD;

#18 Yukari Kaiba on 11 years ago

I can go let others know that the roster has opened up here (probably easier just to manage one thread for the game?) and give them the link for this thread if they are interested.

might as well sign up while I'm at it XD
username: Shinobi Yukari
character name: Noitora Jiruga
piece assignment: either bishop or knight (bishop preferred).

#19 DivineSage on 11 years ago

username: OokamiTsuki
character name: Ichimaru Gin (Arrancar version- pictures in my gallery)
piece you'd like to have: White Queen or Knight, something of the like.

#20 Wren on 11 years ago

Edited my first post with a signup, posting here too though

Username: Wren
Character: Shunsui Kyoraku
Piece: Prefer a knight or bishop

#21 Lady Saru on 11 years ago

Username: Lady Saru
Character name: Nnoitra Jiruga (drag version)
Piece: whatever works! Have fun with it.

#22 FuushuuYuu on 11 years ago

username: FuushuuYuu.
Faime forums Yuu

character name: Young Byakuya ( Manga-TBtP)

piece you'd like to have: Bishop, rook

#23 raenef13 on 11 years ago

username: raenef13
character name: Tesla
piece you'd like to have: The pawn exactly in front on Noitorra XD

Edit: Yukari's Noitorra XD

#24 raenef13 on 11 years ago

Posting for chaos bark over on fanime forums as she is 'too lazy to make an account'

username: N/A
character name: Ggio
piece you'd like to have: the player for the white team (the person actually playing the chess)

#25 Toshi_Riku on 11 years ago

character name: Shinji (Capt. Version)
piece you'd like to have: Knight Bishop

#26 Eliteslayer on 11 years ago

username: Eliteslayer
Character name: Aizen (hollow/betrayal version (the mask is removable), but not Hueco Mundo.)
Pice you'd like to have: Given Aizen's personality, king. Personally, though, I'm cool with a knight.

#27 doragon on 11 years ago

Yay! Sign ups :D I'll look through them and arrange some stuff after I settle from coming home from work [I got no break, I want to sit and stare at a wall for a bit D:]

Though, Saru ~ since we have a Nnoi already .. might have to think about your character, but last year it worked out. So far you might be a back up .. or a pawn *taps chin* yeah.

and thanks Yukari for posting on the fanime boards, I'll probably make a post over there as well with my pitiful little unused account xD

#28 Kanzake on 11 years ago

Username : Kanzake
Side: Shinigami yo'
Character : Ukitake Jyuushiro
Piece Requested : Bishop, and a Rook if my bishopness doesnt go through..

I hope you guys dont shuffle me to king again ._. XD

#29 Fanime_Lo-ve on 11 years ago

count me in!

username: Fanime_love
Character name: Yoruichi
Pice you'd like to have: As long as Yoruichi isn't a pawn. I'm sure she's a hella better fighter then that. XD__________________

#30 Ginryuu on 11 years ago

Haha, well, guess I'm not quite on the ball right now...

Username : Ginryuu
Side: Shinigami
Character : Random Shinigami
Piece Requested : Pawn...of course.

I'll actually be going as Ukitake to Fanime, but since it would double up I can put my wig and haori aside for chess.