Magic: The Gathering cosplay?

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#1 Elsewhere on 6 years ago

Yeah this is pretty nerdy even by cosplay standards, but I know you're out there...

#2 Nicoletta on 6 years ago

Lulz. I'm working on a Nissa Revane cosplay, but the only thing I've finished so far is the corset bodice. The hardest part is achieving the clevage without falling out of the dress. I'm hoping to make a Jace cosplay for my husband but chances are I will run out of time before the next big con.

#3 Kesra on 6 years ago

I'd kinda like to cosplay as Phage the Untouchable

#4 Kalanemi on 6 years ago

I was Urabrask the Hidden (the red praetor) at NYCC '11, and I've been wanting to try cosplaying Karona. So yeah, we exist!

#5 Elsewhere on 6 years ago

I need three other people to go as as playset of Snapcaster Mage.

#6 supergeekgirl on 6 years ago

I did the DiTerlizzi Frozen Shade card...


#7 The Makimonster on 6 years ago

Yo dawg... I heard you guys like Jace Beleren.


#8 Elsewhere on 6 years ago

Jace at Starbucks. Nice.

#9 SynVanSiWes on 6 years ago

I did the Bird Maiden way back in 2004 I think.


It was a lot of fun.

#10 Kagomekai on 6 years ago

Liliana Vess (Liliana of the veil version), My cosplay is just about done just need to make the tiara/headpiece. :D

#11 Oblivious-chan on 6 years ago

[CENTER]Gonna go as Chandra to Anime Expo.
Boyfriend is gonna go as Jace.
*epic battle maneuver*[/CENTER]

#12 Palaven on 6 years ago

I'm actually plotting to make a Geist Honored Monk costume. I'm really hoping I have the time to make it for PAX!

#13 Raihou on 6 years ago

Planning Jace Beleren for whatever convention I get him finished in time for. He's not really a priority (not until I get the stuff I'm working on right now done) but it's definitely gonna happen. Provied I can find decent pictures of him, I can't seem to find any decent full-body shots that are clear enough for me to see what's going on...
I'm gonna look ridiculous at my height/build, but I don't even care.

@Palaven: Woah, that could look really good! it'd be great to see some pics once you're done, I always find cosplays of cards pretty interesting~

#14 SailorAndromeda on 6 years ago

I'm really hoping to make Sorin Markov for my husband and Avacyn for myself. Not sure it's in the budget for this summer though, have to figure that out first! Glad to see I'm not the only one who wants to cosplay from M:tG though! I've been wanted to for awhile, just haven't gotten around to it yet :D

#15 SailorAndromeda on 6 years ago

Well, depends on when I start, lol. There is this image that they are using for promo art though:

I really like the art :)