New Webcomic: Otakus Unleashed!!

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#1 Roxas-13 on 7 years ago

Hey, all!

So, for the last several months, I have been in the works with ~Heaven'sLock, working on our idea for a anime/manga/otaku themed webcomic. On January 2nd, it will make its debut!

Introducing Otakus Unleashed, a webcomic about cosplayers, anime, manga, anime cons and the world that we all know and love. Follow Mac and Ethan on their many hijinks and adventures, with their band of cosplay friends, as they live their otaku lives to the fullest! Written by myself and drawn by ~Heaven'sLock.

As I said, this comic will be debuting January 2nd. We will be posting a new page every Monday and Friday, and will be posted in three different locations: a Facebook group, a deviantArt account, and our own Blogger page.

Blogger: [url]http://​​m/[/url]
Facebook: [url]​pages/Otakus-Unleashed/​238261486245971[/url]

Nothing will be posted till January 2nd, and we'll have the dA link soon.

Remember, January 2nd, save the date for OTAKUS UNLEASHED!!

#2 Roxas-13 on 7 years ago

It starts today!! Otakus Unleashed, the new webcomic written by myself and drawn by Heaven'sLock debuts today. A webcomic about otakus, by otakus, for otakus!!

We have posted it in three places.

Our own Blogger page:

Our Facebook page:

And our deviantArt page:

This is the first of many, as we will be updating every Monday and Friday. We hope you enjoy as much as we did making it. Till next time, friends!!