FMA Alphonse Elric Pepakura Files

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#1 PepMaster on 7 years ago

I know there's a lot of people here who are into the Fullmetal Alchemist series, and a lot more people that have been looking for a way to make Big Al Elric. So a while back I worked on these pepakura files, which I obtained the 3D Model of Big Al from Roxas358. Then I set off unfolding the model to the scale for a 6 foot tall person. If you need to resize it and if you have Pepakura Designer the password for the files is 72110.

You can get the files from my site or the Tamasoft Pepakura Gallery. My site is located at [url][/url] the photo of the half built Alphonse belongs to Zacic of the 405th Forums. Enjoy.


#2 PepMaster on 7 years ago

No comment's yet? Wow.

#3 robert-heck on 7 years ago

Looks nice, though I want to say a bit small but that could just be because I have nothing to base scale off of that has a common finite size.

#4 PepMaster on 7 years ago

Yeah I am probably off on scale for a couple pieces of the files for the suit.

#5 Stina006 on 7 years ago

my god this is extremely helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
Um...How do I actually see them? XD

#6 PepMaster on 7 years ago

You will need pepakura designer (if you need to change the size) and/or pepakura viewer.

#7 phreak_inc on 7 years ago

I do have one question as I will be buidling the hell out of this model this weekend. It's all based on paper, what can you do to reinforce the structure? Do I have to cover the entire thing with craft foam, or should i put wiring over it? Any ideas on this?

I'm seriously considering building this alongside my current project. (and i'm 6"4' so I'm going to check how this fits)

#8 PepMaster on 7 years ago

Most pepakura makers coat the outside with resin and the inside with fiberglass. After that they coat the outside with bondo and do a lot of sanding. But if you check on Zacic's topic on the he is building the suit with Craft and EVA foam, which would save you from having to mess with the sticky smelly fiberglass and the pain of sanding the bondo.

#9 dalbkino on 7 years ago

Awesome! thank you so much for making those pepakura files! XD

#10 PepMaster on 7 years ago

#11 Melrajas on 7 years ago

i want to make the same cosplay. i will follow this method;

1) i will print the pdo files using pepakura designer(although i dont know exactly how to scale them and which paper size i should print to)
2) i will put paper patterns to cardboard and cut them
3) Combine and hot glued parts
4) apply body filler to outer surface
5) sanding
6) painting

all i want to ask is that can this method work to make a good Al's armor? Can you suggest anything else. This will be my first armor craft. Also i have been thinking about Goldy's Alphonse elric armor tutorial. He used different materials like polyurethan foam some adhesives and vinyl. should i use these materials and start from 2nd step above.


#12 PepMaster on 7 years ago

Well the cardboard would work as well, but one of the members (Zacic) on the is using EVA Foam.

#13 dalbkino on 7 years ago

yay! I've put together the helmet and the chest armor (as far as cutting and gluing the cardstock)! Now onto the shoulders and bicep armor XD

#14 Mehdia on 7 years ago

This is going to help me so much! My brother has started doing pepakura and loves it and we've got a friend that has wanted to cosplay Al for years but we just never could exactly get a game plan for it. He's about 6'4", so we will have to scale it to him, but it will be so useful. Thanks!

#15 Melrajas on 7 years ago

i am ending with two methods eliminating the cardboard method.

1)eva foam+sealing+painting
2)vinyl over polyethylene foam

I am having trouble finding some metarials(like vinyl) in my country. Also the only pattern i have is that with pepakura designer. I dont have any talent for look and draw thing so need patterns. For pepakura patterns it is more detailed than i thought. Does anyone have patterns for Alphonse Elric armor?