What makes a good walk-on (single to 2-person) entry?

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#1 AngieRikku on 11 years ago

So, I just got a message back from the masquerade directors asking what will make my walk-on more exciting than the next persons? I'm going as Dark Knight Rikku of FFX-2 and my friend is going to be an FFXI Hume Dark Knight. I would be willing to do a skit... I don't really know what I can do in a suit of armor that isn't exactly of good mobility. Does anyone have any ideas for our skit/walk-on? Anything would be greatly appreciated, this is life or death. :bigcry: Thank you!!!!

#2 DoomGirlMeg on 11 years ago

Well, you could do some sort of joke about how it's hard to move. Like dropping something and struggling to pick it up. Walk ons usually aren't that exciting... You have two dark knights... so you could like face off and then get into a silly slappy fight or have your armor keep you from fighting. These are all slapstick, so they would depend a lot on your ability to pull it off. That's the best I can come up with right now, sorry it's not awesome. XD

#3 LadySage on 11 years ago

Well, don't just stroll out, stand there for a few seconds, and then stroll back. That's boring. Walking out in a dynamic fashion (catwalk strut, powerful stride, and so on) will add to it; also, try some in-character poses that show off the costumes once you get out there before going back.

#4 Mekou on 11 years ago

Walk-ons don't have to be boring! =D

Add some music, strut on and act confident, perhaps do a cool pose, then walk off still in-character and confident as you were when you went on. ^_^

For example ---> [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jReflWRknjg[/url] (The awesome Heki and her sister Anagel ^_^) It's simple. It does exactly what a presentation needs (For the judges at least). It's more exciting than if you just went on stage with no music for a few seconds and walked off.

#5 MissCarlyfornia on 11 years ago

I heard falling on your face works well....
well it worked for me, I think the clip is on IGN under Princess AI cosplay.

#6 AngieRikku on 11 years ago

Thank you for all your help guys! I actually did detail in my description about a few in-character poses. Of course I planned on having music, but I guess Anime Expo is really strict? Has anyone ever had this happen before?

#7 salazar on 11 years ago

uhm, i'd say that if you're going to have music, time it so that it flows with your walk on. have it sort of build up as you walk out, climax as you pose, and then decrescendo as you leave. make the music like a story for your walk-on. it kind of sucks when you have an awesome walk-on, and then once the person walks offstage, the tech crew has to cut off blaring music because "meh, she's done."

#8 Danzikumaru on 11 years ago


Anime Expo, I have learned, actually discourages a lot of walk-ons because they think they're boring for the audience. I personally thing this is BS, but whatever...

You definately want to get all eyes on you while you're up there. Dynamic poses, battle cries, and moving like you MEAN it are definately going to be intention getters.


#9 CapsuleCorp on 11 years ago

many good ideas - dynamic music (preferably from the game to go with the characters, but anything that fits their style will do), doing two or three different poses, that's a start. Do you have weapons? I assume you do, but you never know. :) Pose with the weapons in battle formation. Maybe, instead of strutting out, charge out in a brief dash with weapons like you're attacking a foe. Try a patterned walk - say, you're entering from the left side of the stage. Walk to the front right, pose, walk back across the stage to front left, pose again, TURN so the judges see the backs of the costumes, and walk out stage right, essentially making a triangle.

It's neither a skit, nor a "walk-on" in the sense that people think "walk out, stop to pose, walk off" with no music. it's the kind of performance that will show off the complexity of the costumes, and the spirit of the characters, the best.

#10 Koumori on 11 years ago

Don't take the name "walk on" too literally. A walk-on is just a brief performance without a skit or monologue attached; it does NOT mean that you have to just walk on and walk off. Take your time, use the stage, and rehearse just as you would for a skit.

#11 Eleryth on 11 years ago

One that I can think of that was a walk on from AX off the top of my head was Dia's performance with a partner as Rith and Calintz from Magna Carta.


#12 Danzikumaru on 11 years ago


It's threads like this that really drive home the need for How To panels on walk-ons for conventions.


#13 AngieRikku on 11 years ago

Well, now I gave AX a skit proposal, and to my dismay I am standby #8. I wish people understood how a well-done, and may I say NEVER done, costume does not need a skit to be amazing. Everyone here understands that. Maybe next year I can present Dark Knight Rikku. Thanks again everyone!

#14 Karisu-sama on 11 years ago

[QUOTE=Angie;1942952]I wish people understood how a well-done, and may I say NEVER done, costume does not need a skit to be amazing. Everyone here understands that.[/QUOTE]

When one finds oneself at an event where certain fairly basic concepts are apparently not well understood (for example: I recall a particular large masquerade a few years ago at which the perhaps inexperienced organizer(s) were apparently unfamiliar with the concept of what "workmanship judging" actually IS), I'd suggest looking into alternative venues for entering one's costume. :)

"Big" masquerade does not necessarily equal "most well run" or even "prestigious" masquerade.

#15 phantomthief on 11 years ago


It's threads like this that really drive home the need for How To panels on walk-ons for conventions.


NDK had a hilarious "How to put together a cosplay skit" panel, but I've never seen one for walk ons... It'd definately be helpful. *writes it down*

For my walk-on this year as Alucard from Castlevania, I'm gonna charge in cloaked, flourish with a huge cape twirl (the cape is huge), generally look pretty, and brandish the weapons. All with "Bloody Tears" from the series playing. It's pretty epic. I REALLY hope I don't trip during that spin...


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