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#1 DigitalCactus on 14 years ago

*leaps out from behind a potted plant*

I've noticed that over the past few months, the number of people posting images rises, but the number of views and comments seem to be miniscule... Im bored off my ass and well I thought it'd be interesting to encourage some of you go out and compliment others on their fine achievments in cosplay craftsmanship... Kind of like the old "Cosplay Gallery Above You" game, for those of you who remember the good ol' days. I miss the Babble Boards...

So, what ya do is go to the user who posted above you's gallery, post in their gallery then come back here and post a link... Make sence?

No one is above me so I'm going to pick someone at random, for starters.

[b]Awesome Samanosuke![/b]

I can see this not going over too well but its worth a friggin shot...

#2 Vicky on 14 years ago

i think thats a great idea.
just in my own defence though... i have dial up ^_^;
so very very VERY rarely am i even going to root through galleries these days than i used to (i used to have cable but then we moved to the sticks and yeah, no cable out here).
heck, i dont do a quarter of the things i used to do now that i'm on dial up.
i check forums and email and thats about it *L*
havent even had the motivation to work on my website, so i closed it last month

#3 DigitalCactus on 14 years ago

[QUOTE=MissieYohko]i think thats a great idea.
just in my own defence though... i have dial up ^_^;
I too, am on dial-up

#4 Jinx on 14 years ago

Okay, I'll bite.. for as long as I've been on, I've never participated in a "person above you" thread.

DigitalCactus: I really like that photoshop you did of you and Bluelady! Great costumes, too. ^-^

#5 Hinataheights on 14 years ago

Jinx: major props to you for your female version of Nicholas Wolfwood. AWESOME!

(no clue what anyone could say about me since im decently new here but...ummm good luck?)

#6 Niku-Sama on 14 years ago

You aint got no photos, so I will say, blarrrrrrrrrrr. I love your GoGo Jinx, You made it very nicely,

#7 dead pixle on 14 years ago

heh, i love the outfit! and the idea is wonderful!

*runs off to make wonderful comments*

#8 *Shiva* on 14 years ago

Hmm - you don't have any photos either, but I really like your avatar - the colors go together wonderfully, and the dress and wings are pretty. And I love chocker necklaces! *thumbs up*

#9 DigitalCactus on 14 years ago

Ah DeadPixle has no pics! XD Im going to back to NikuSama! That Pet Shop of Horrors costume is gorgeous! Love the sleeves! But since ShivaBlizzard8 beat me to the punch.. I will say shes got a nice action shot way down at the bottom of her gallery page! ;)

#10 Niku-Sama on 14 years ago

Aww thank you they took an eternity to make -_-; I have always loved your gungrave!

#11 Yusuke Urameshi on 14 years ago

Niku-Sama--Your Paine looks mean...just the way it should

#12 Ashbrie on 14 years ago

Yusuke Urameshi: Love the Spirit Gun pictures! ^__^

#13 DigitalCactus on 14 years ago

*adores her Asuka wig*-----^

#14 Niku-Sama on 14 years ago

haha I helped her pick that out ^_^ It is so nice to let people kno that their photos and costumes are appreciated

#15 Solaria on 14 years ago

Weren't we supposed to post links too?

[url][/url] Ahh! Cervantes! That is soooo awesome. I'm SC II Link in my avatar- we had a group at Fanime. So naturally I love SC II cosplayers.

Looks like Niku-sama beat me, so I'll comment on her too: [url][/url]. You look so gothy, but it seems appropriate for Paine. ^-^