"Real Person" cosplay?

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#1 Flora88 on 8 years ago

Recently, I've noticed a lot of Lady Gaga cosplayers, and I, myself, just finished a Freddie Mercury costume, and I was wondering...are there any cosplays of REAL people that you'd ever consider making?

I mean, I've seen Slashes, Madonnas and Marilyn Monroes in the past, and just recently, the crowning moment of awesome, THE BEST John Denver costume in the entire world (which totally made my day.) But who else would you cosplay?

#2 TaoKyuubimon on 8 years ago

I haven't actually cosplayed a human yet... so I have no idea. xD

However, someone on here cosplayed as Vic Mignogna, the voice actor. Lol.

#3 tarinalove on 8 years ago

and that is probably it...

#4 Shiva Edge on 8 years ago

Scott Weiland

#5 avskull on 8 years ago

the lady gaga persona is savage Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta really made something intersting too bad she made an odd video about war and bowl cut topless s&m troops. but i think people do it for the fashion more then pretending that they are the actual real person. not saying there no costume impersonator here.

#6 Xanarcah on 8 years ago

I do JRock cosplay, so all of my cosplays have been of "real people".

So far I've done 5 Ugly Kingdom Shinya, Myaku Toshiya, Kibou Ga Oka Daishi, and I'm planning on Nue Nao for some time in the future.

#7 xSYN on 8 years ago

Lady Gaga, Ga-In from BEG and maaaaaybe Gwen Stefani idk o.o haven't actually considered this before, but had I been in NZ this year I was pretty keen on joining the Gaga group for the con at the end of next month, hahah.

#8 Pokeboy on 8 years ago

If someone wears Lady Gaga's meat dress, I'll die

#9 Flora88 on 8 years ago

Jia Jem made a meat dress WAY before Gaga even thought about it.

#10 Pokeboy on 8 years ago

lol Very true!

#11 UsakoLuna on 8 years ago

I saw two people dressed as the nostalga critic at otakon. Not a only a person, but an Internet personality. I was a little confused by it

#12 avskull on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=Flora88;3646011]Jia Jem made a meat dress WAY before Gaga even thought about it.[/QUOTE]

:rofl: trend spotting, i just dont want to see kids wearing raw meat on there body and getting E. coli, super stars need to be responsable :rofl:

#13 -Nessie- on 8 years ago

I'd cosplay the British Queen, lol. But I probably can't pull it off.

#14 avskull on 8 years ago

I was going to crossplay Icarly :sunny:

#15 -Nessie- on 8 years ago

I cosplay a real person everyday... Myself. :D