greatest idea...Line Con 2013 shirts!

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#1 DefectiveNaruto on 7 years ago

Hey wasnt sure where to post this so I post it in here. But yea my friend made "line con 2013" shirts from this past weekend at fanime. For those who had to endure the pain of staying in lines for many hours this is a shirt that you can safely say, I SURVIVED LINE CON!


#2 ClickClackBang on 7 years ago

Lol yeah the lines were pretty terrible this year.

#3 DrTights on 7 years ago

good lord lol

#4 Naiagu on 7 years ago

After waiting in line for 6 hours for pre-reg I need one of those. This would be pretty cool to hand out to people once they get out of the line.

#5 Kaikuna on 7 years ago

Hahah that's perfect. For the cost of admission nowadays, they should just include that in your little program bundle.