Need help finding contacts

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#1 DakoGuyver on 5 years ago

Hello everyone. My significant other, and I are in need of help find some contacts for Datak Tarr, and Stahma Tarr. We have looked around, but have been unsuccessful. Some that we thought might work we couldn't find images of people wearing them, and we are of course a little leery of buying them.

We know that her eyes are a very light violet (the actress has said so), and his we believe to be a very light pink. (Stahma in the center, and Datak on the right)

#2 Serenith on 5 years ago

[FONT="Georgia"]Try looking around [URL=""]Pinky Paradise[/URL]. I can vouch for them being legit as I've bought quite a few from them. You can choose your prescription for each lense.
They have quite a large variety, though I cannot guarantee you'll absolute find what you need!
EDIT: They do have pictures of people wearing the product for SOME of the lenses. Not all.

#3 CherishIchigo on 5 years ago


I would go to honey color. They have very vibrant contacts and show up very well, and my eyes are a very deep chocolate brown, and another plus is that it comes with prescriptions too! very handy. Hope that helps!

#4 Iridescent_Fall on 5 years ago

A place like this has a lot of variety as well [url][/url]
It looks like you want something that has a bit more detail to it and layering versus the solid colours to make them look realistic. If you can't find anything and can pay more for quality [url][/url] makes custom lenses based on their designs and what you ask them to do. I've bought three pairs from them now, and they are always worth the money!

#5 DakoGuyver on 5 years ago

Thank you everyone. I will have to look into all the recommendations. Don't know if it matters now, but my eyes are hazel (Green with a little bit of brown).

#6 AntFuze on 5 years ago

wow, thanks for all these peeps :)