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#1 perilousgard on 5 years ago

Hey guys, I'm trying to work on my makeup for my Korra cosplay. I've never been much of a makeup person because my skin is so prone to breaking out, half the time I'm afraid to put much more than a light cover-up on my face. So, I was wondering what kind of products I should use for Korra. She isn't a character that really looks like she wears makeup - here's a pic: [URL=""][/URL]. So obviously I want a more natural look.

Also, as my skin isn't naturally as dark as hers, I was wondering what you guys thought about Ben Nye Cake Foundation. Being that my skin is naturally prone to breakouts, would using something like that be a bad idea? Would it help if I used a primer under it? I really just have no idea.

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. :D

#2 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

Unfortunately, I can't answer about the Ben Nye makeup and breaking out. Primer might help, though. Look up tutorials for "no makeup" makeup on YouTube for pointers. My favorites on YouTube are LisaEldridge, Pixiwoo, and Gossmakeupartist.

You're probably going to look great with blended contouring, subtle eye liner, mascara, and a very natural lip color. I would recommend taking your contouring color through your eye socket for some additional definition/depth. Depending on your foundation's finish, setting with some powder might help, although I would keep to the T-zone only. Korra is an athlete, and her skin shouldn't look cakey. Hope this gives you an idea or two. Good luck!

#3 Throatriptron on 5 years ago

Ben Nye is extremely thick and cakey, we used to use it for stage makeup in high school. If you're prone to breakouts, I'd suggest you use a hypoallergenic bronzer instead. A bronzer will also give you a healthy glow look, instead of a caked-on-tan look.

Perhaps one by Physician's Formula or Almay, or if you're willing to shell out some money I'd reccommend Tarte brand or Clinique.

#4 perilousgard on 5 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for the suggestions!

Psy-chan - Ooh, thanks for the youtube recs. I have been looking at several makeup tutorials there but haven't found many that are particularly helpful. I'll give those a watch and see what I can come up with. By "subtle eyeliner", do you mean using a color other than black? xD Yeah clearly I know nothing about makeup.

Throatriptron - Eek, that doesn't sound like it would be good for my skin. Would bronzer be okay to use on arms, too? Do you have any tips on keeping it from rubbing off onto clothing and whatnot?

#5 animenerd93 on 5 years ago

agree w the fact that ben nye is going to break you out. i break out easily, and while i use a primer (sephora's) it still doesnt prevent me from breaking out. its not drastic but still not fun. id agree w just a plain bronzer. too much tan not only looks bad, but can cause some crap in the community. bronzer will give it a subtle hint and you can buy brands that will cause less break outage. i also agree that besides basi foundation and contoring, all you really need is a nude eyeshadow, a heavier eyeliner (it seems like its like a subtle cat eye) and nude lipstick

#6 pokkypok on 5 years ago

I agree with what people have said about Ben Nye making you break out. Primers probably won't help, it will just keep the makeup on your face longer, which could be worse in the long run.

Look for sensitive skin makeup, they sell them usually everywhere they sell makeup. You might want to look into powder rather than cake foundation, it'll be lighter on your skin.

From your post, it sounds like you feel you need to make your skin darker for the cosplay. You really don't have to! You'll look fine without it! Using makeup to look darker will make your skin look oranger rather than tanner. Here's a pic from Deviant Art of a lighter skinned Korra, she's one of many and she looks fine: [url][/url]

For makeup advice, try searching "oily skin makeup" or "acne prone skin makeup" on Youtube, you should be able to find some makeup brand recommendations and tutorials. I would suggest then practicing on your own and finding the look that seems the most "Korra-like" on you! Since you say you're new to makeup, I'd recommend even going into a department store and getting your makeup done. Ask them for a "natural look", tell them your skin is acne prone, and ask them to narrate what they're doing. It'll help you learn about application (just as important as which products you buy), they can recommend what products to buy (don't feel obligated to buy them if you don't like them/they are too expensive), and if you like what they do you'll have a basis for what your makeup for Korra could look like.

I'm actually planning on cosplaying Korra later this month, and although I don't recommend trying to look tanner, I do have the problem of a very uneven skin tone (I have a bit of a T-shirt tan, so my shoulders are very pale while my forearms are really ran). So if you're interested in something for your arms, I'm looking into self tanners and bronzing lotions. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't say if they work, but as long as they are used a few days before you wear the costume they shouldn't rub off on clothing.

#7 PSY-chan on 5 years ago

By natural, I mean something like [U][URL=""]this look[/URL][/U], or [U][URL=""]this look[/URL][/U]. The liner is visible, but soft. You could always blend it in, so as to soften it even more. Black is a great color for Korra.
Another option is [U][URL=""]to tightline[/URL][/U], which will add to the illusion of having fuller lashes and a naturally defined lash line. Make sure to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

[U][URL=""]This Korra's eye makeup is rather nice[/URL][/U]. Her eyes are defined but not overpowering. Hope this gives you some ideas!

#8 phantasystar67 on 5 years ago

I also have really somewhat delicate skin, not super acne prone, but very dry. I definitely suggest wearing a nice facial moisturiser underneath your makeup! It provides a healthy barrier between your skin and the makeup. For darkening your skin, bronzing powder is probably the way to go, but a lot of cheaper brands just end up looking orange. I'd suggest dishing out a bit extra and getting Smashbox, Too Faced, Stila, or MAC. I use Too Faced for contouring because they have a veeeeery nice matte bronzer. Although definitely go to a store and try it on first, because it sometimes doesn't show up very well on some skin. Smashbox is pretty well known for epic bronzing powder.

For your other makeup, you should get some primer for your eyelids, if you can, get Urban Decay's Primer Potion, if you can't, I hear good things about e.l.f primer. That will help keep the makeup on all day. Then get a neutral eyeshadow pallet(you can use this for contouring your face as well! Korra has fairly prominent cheek bones, so this will help in that department.) and do a really basic neutral look, using colours very close to the colour of your bronzed skin. Then outline it with a soft brown pencil and you should be good to go!