Final Fantasy Gathering 2011

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#1 Michi on 8 years ago

I think Saturday would be best for me... Anyone else interested? :) I'll be (hopefully~!) debuting a new version of Kuja from Final Fantasy IX.

#2 playmysitardemy on 8 years ago

Gah, if only I had my complete Zack costume still!

#3 DarkLordOfFluff on 8 years ago

If you don't mind original designs/variants, I plan to remake my One-Winged Moogle for Yaoi-con. I'd be very interested in a Final Fantasy gathering.

#4 Michi on 8 years ago

It's still Final Fantasy, so it's all good with me. :)

#5 yamimagic on 8 years ago

I'll be bringing my Gabranth if I finish in time. Otherwise, I'll definitely be running around as Fang. :)

#6 Michi on 8 years ago

Cool! I'm thinking this may not be until 6 pm, but if that's too late I'll try to work something out.