Eurobeat King's: Ohayocon 2004 Pictures

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#1 Eurobeat King on 14 years ago

Hey everyone,

*Whew!* After barely managing to escape the snow-storm that hit Columbus Sunday afternoon, despite some delays, I made it back home safely from Ohayocon 2004. :D (So there wasn't a WASFU-con ver. 1.5 this weekend, but that could happen 3 weeks from now at Katsucon..)

While I'm still awake, I decided to u/l a few pictures for people to see during the day until I upload more after work tomorrow night. So usually after 7pmPST each night I'll put more up, about 200-300 a night until I post them all. I have to say I was quite pleased with the pictures that I took as well as the costumes. Overall I took over 1500 pictures, a lot which are from the photoshoots that my friends and I did. (Thanks to Darcy, Michelle, Christina, Rogue & Flexi, the Limebarb trio, and more.) :) Here's the link to the pics:


It was nice seeing my regular East Coast friends and a pleasure meeting new people that I may have seen at previous cons last yeat but officially meeting them in person. I look forward to seeing everyone again at upcoming cons like Katsucon, Anime Central, A-kon, and more. I apologize in advance if I didn't take your picture, since it did get busy late-Friday and Saturday, so I'll make it up to you next time.

Please comment here on the pictures as they go up, and also leave comments on your fave pics (Keep the comments CLEAN, tho..) and if you'd like to use the pictures that you see in your gallery or website, go ahead but please credit me for any usage of them. ;) Thanks, and enjoy!!

#2 Rinoa2008 on 14 years ago

Nice pictures! I can;t wait to see the ones from the photoshoot. ^_^ I saw my picture in your gallery too! Heh, nice job!

#3 KnuxieChan on 14 years ago

It was really neat talking to you, Eurobeat ^^

I can't to see my pics and the photoshoot ones. HEHEHE! I RAPED TETSUO! X3

#4 LilMeesh on 14 years ago

Ohh! you took a piccy of my friend...{female Spike} yay lol any chance did you take a picture of a vicious with a..poorly made wooden katana with a tinfoil for the blade. cause well thast me and i am wondeirng who tookt he picture of me near the inu-yasha VA panel. thats all

#5 visulstimultion on 14 years ago

Yay!! you have piccies of me!! ^-^; it's only logical considering you kept following me around. XD It was great getting to see you again hun. Great pics again as usual. Can't wait to see more.

#6 Maryssa on 14 years ago

Can the Berserkers have my children???? *drooooool*

#7 Paul Soth on 14 years ago

Waiting until you get Saturday's shots up...

#8 The-Real-Link on 14 years ago

I'll put photos up in a little while, maybe Tuesday. Got some resizing to do on them ... I don't care if anyone takes them but then again if you don't want something up that I have, let me know and I'll take it down.

#9 Bobbi on 14 years ago

Awesome pics Al! The ones of me sofar look pretty good, considering I couldn't keep myself from blinking. ><; Can't wait to see the rest!

#10 Eurobeat King on 14 years ago

Thanks for the compliments so far, everyone! :) I appreciate your patience as I'm doing to best I can, and I know you all want to see the Saturday costume pics, but I like going in the order that I took them, and there were good costumes on Friday too. So please hang in there as I post about 300 pics a night to eventually reach 1500+. Comment on the pics and keep checking my gallery every evening for more pics! :skidude2:

#11 HealerKou on 14 years ago

Very cute, Al! Man, you looked so rushed this weekend. I hope you took the time to eat and sleep! ^_~

#12 Eurobeat King on 14 years ago

HealerKou: C. yeah, I managed to eat about 2-3 times on each day of the con, but there were times when I couldn't finish even half the food I ordered like at Subway or Chicken&Eggs, (it was great-tasting!) but I think I couldn't concentrate on stopping to eat while the con was still going.. I get that way sometimes where I'd rather NOT eat and concentrate on getting pictures rather than be away from the con to eat lunch or dinner, and then WAIT until the day's events are over before eating a lot.. :thumbsup: And sleep? I managed to get enough on Friday night and Saturday night, but knowing me, I woke up at 7:00am on Saturday morning to get ready and go searching for cosplayers.. Just give me 5-6 hours and I'll be fine! ;)

UPDATE: I've posted ALL of Friday's pictures (over 600 alone!) and started on some of Saturday's pictures. Tomorrow night I'll be posting more, and you'll see the pics from the Final Fantasy photoshoot, the photoshoot, and more cosplayers from that busy Saturday at Ohayocon! Keep checking and leaving those comments! :D

#13 BountyBebopLuva on 14 years ago

Eurobeat King, you rock! ^^ I was the rabid con newbie dressed as *points to avatar* and it was cool seeing/meeting people I only seen on the net. I felt so loved ^^

#14 PockyDarcy on 14 years ago

Great job Al! Thanks for all the wonderful photos! They came out better than my own! lol Hope u had an awesome weekend...just like me ^____^

#15 AlikNyankoChan on 14 years ago

Man, those berserkers...
Love the pictures as usual ^^. Thanks for taking all those pictures of everyone I somehow managed not to see:P
I see you got pictures out in the snow ^^. Still not enough snow to break out the bikini and a pair of ears again, though:P.