For Men: How to tuck. May be a bit... umm... graphic.

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  • From what I've heard, gaffs are to help keep the tuck in and keep the rest of the genitals out of the way (from the crossdressing installment of "I did it for science" on And yeah, dance belts are actually designed to pull the naughty bits forward and up, so that they don't get crushed between the legs when you dance. They have the (vaguely distressing) effect of making even the most girly-boy resemble an Itallian Stallion (*represses horrible memories of ballet class*).

    I will definitely have to try that tape for binding. . . do you know if make-up works well over it? (for purposes of camouflage, nipple coverage).

    Man, the things you boys put yourselves through for crossplaying! (not that I necessarily _mind_ getting to stare at the results sometimes)

    Unfortunately, the "I Did It For Science" archives are now in the premium section (the pay for it section). Basis synopsis: Grant gets taught how to crossdress for the article, learns how to tuck, and learns how to put on the gold lame gaff on to keep the tuck in and the penis down. Grant becomes disturbed, and later gets morphed into a dragon lady with bad makeup. Friends turn him into a cute college chick, he gets hit on, the end.

  • X.x..
    I've been up all day, so dont mind my odd sounding reply.
    o.o I noticed something about binding and noticed nipples and bandaids.
    Well my sister o.x how should I Put this, we'reboth crossdressers, only hers is more accepted! LOL
    She's got rather large breasts and does so by using a corset that's just higher up and ties up in the back with rope, (soft rope), and then just puts on a long shirt overtop of it.

    Mizuno Tenshi:
    ^_^ When i crossplayed this year, i just used a thing that I made that was similar to a man's dancing gear o.o and modified it with a rather surprising effect.
    my sister is into prosthetics for movies, x.x so it was easy to get the breasts lol. She actually made a little bodysuit type skin thing out of laytex for me.. You wouldn't even notice the difference!

    SO that's another route from boy to girl if you want to know it =) Instead of just false breasts.
    Or.. or.. ^_^ We could all just get sex changes. LoL. ^^; or not..
    =D anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing the picture and trying to pick out which one I am LOL you're welcome to let me know! (but its true! With the techs that Mizuno Tenshi said, you can fit into about anything!)
    way to go Mizuno Tenshi on this post! ^_^ be bold!

  • Hack: The whole chest taping issue (covered more in the "Binding" thread) involved trying to show skin (in a low-cut skimpy shirt or even a shirt open all the way down the front! ) WITHOUT looking like there was any binding at all (that method probably works only for smaller-breasted women though. )

  • >.< Ack, gomen x.x i wont post the reply here then, sorry!

  • Depends what your reply is about! ^____^ The main focus of this thread is tape-tucking for guys - I was merely asking about tape types for safe use in girl-binding as well, since I'm not thrilled at the prospect of losing skin again...

  • >>Your testicles came down when you went through puberty. The goal is to try and put them back up there.


    That is too funny.

    >>Aiya! Chest taping (to flatten) is much less complicated....


    Except for my friend who's DD.

    of course, now I have to try the tuck thing with my fiance.


    I wonder if it's gonna be easier if I help or not.


    He's gonna kill me for talking about this with people. XD

    >>Yeah, why are GUY'S nipples not considered indecent exposure, huh? Bloody double standards!! Make 'em put on SHIRTS!

    I never understood why I can't walk out of the house naked from the waist up.

    Not that I WANT to do it, mind you.

    But why the hell can't I!?

    Boys do it all the damned time!

    What, because I have more flesh on my chest, it's BAD!?


    >>My mom clearly expressed that she'd kill me if I even think about shaving any part of my pubic hair.


    Wait, how the hell is she going to know!?

    I have my own theories about shaving pubic hair, but I'll be nice for once and spare everyone.

    >>Karisu-san, here's another type of tape that'll help.

    My ghetto boobflattening technique, sadly, only works if you've got a shirt to cover with.


    My other technique should work better, but it's being a pain in the ass lately. >.<

    >>Band-aids, even gentle care ones, still leave marks. My experience.


    I wouldn't put one over MY nipple.

    >>Believe it or not, it's not what you'd expect; it's NOT the nipple part that's the problem. It's the surprisingly tender skin on the lower part of what little I do have. Ouch. >.<

    I believe it.

    I had that problem the one time I used tape with no shirt. X_x

    >>Man, the things you boys put yourselves through for crossplaying!


    >>We could all just get sex changes.


    I'd never get a sex-change unless I gained a prostate to make up for...well, nevermind.

    >>WITHOUT looking like there was any binding at all

    Unfortunately for my friend Kasandra, who's doing Trowa's clown costume at NDK this year. @[email protected]


  • What I'm probably going to do is wear an additional piece of underwear over the underwear I'd be wearing at the time. It's a quick fix, but considering hardly of my legs or underneath my skirt's going to be shown, I'd wager that it'll do its job... I hope?


  • I figure this thread needs a boost too... *sends it back up*

  • *Covers eyes* ack... just wear multi-layers... just like Balmung.... *walks off* ...

  • Hehe... it's not that bad. Really! :D


  • Just don't do it too often, because I suspect it could affect your fertility. :p There's a REASON testicles hang outside the body. (They require an optimum temperature. Ever notice how they try to retract when you are in very COLD water?? - No, it's my husband who has the 1st-hand experience, not me :p )

  • [QUOTE=Karisu-sama]Just don't do it too often, because I suspect it could affect your fertility. :p There's a REASON testicles hang outside the body. (They require an optimum temperature. Ever notice how they try to retract when you are in very COLD water?? - No, it's my husband who has the 1st-hand experience, not me :p )[/QUOTE]

    It's not that big of a temperature difference. It's like the whole boxers v. briefs thing. There's some difference, but it's really not all that big. And it's not permanent, either. I don't really need fertility for a while anyways... if ever. *shrugs*


  • That's a great idea but I don't think I would want to do that because when I do plan to crossplay I probably won't wear something that revealing. For example the Deedlit costume you all keep hearing me mentioning about wouldn't need something as drastic as that. Also I won't have to worry about the chest area since the chestplate will easily make the appearance.

  • Err... Yesh, that seems a tad... unhealthy, in my opinion.

    Mind you, I'm not a doctor, and don't really know that much about the body's inner-workings... But I don't think sticking stuff back up there could possibly be that good for you... Now, I understand the practicality of it, since it is very difficult (and painful, depending) to walk or sit with your legs close together, and having the 'ol 'twig-and-two-berries'* inbetween them. However, it's better in my opinion to spread a little while sitting than to risk permanent injury in such a vital area.

    Then again, I'm rarely in-character when I cosplay... I guess if you were LARPing or actually wanted to portray your character the entire time, you wouldn't have much choice besides just dealing with it. Personally, I would just wear something kinda restricting down there.


    *PS- I've just always wanted to use that phrase ^_^

  • It's not really unhealthy at all. You're not tearing anything or doing something permanent. The most it may do is the whole fertility thing... but no huge difference, and reversible.