For Men: How to tuck. May be a bit... umm... graphic.

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  • Well, here's one issue that comes up a lot. How a guy can hide things 'down there'. There have been links to a few different ways to do it, but I'm not partial to any of those methods myself. So, I'll try and explain things for those who want to know.

    Warning: I'm going to be blunt and a bit graphic, so if you don't wanna read it, stop now. I can't really explain and be delicate about it, though. Fair warning has been given.

    Well... first suggestion is to shave as much hair as possible from around the sac. It's a good idea to at least trim all the hair above it too. If the hair is too long, it can poke through panties, and that's not a good look. Less hair also makes it less painful if you decide to use tape.
    The hardest part about everything, though, is the actual 'tuck'. Your testicles came down when you went through puberty. The goal is to try and put them back up there. Lay down on your back, and gently push them into your body and up. You'll need to spend a lot of time prodding and trying to find where they go, but once you do, they'll sort of 'pop in'. Don't force this. It shouldn't hurt too much. When you're laying back, they should stay in fairly well.
    Once you get the hang of that, there are a few ways to keep everything in. My preffered method is to pull all of the loose skin from the sac towards my rear, and try and stretch it so there's no slack. That way there's no space for the testicles to pop into.
    A firm control panty or girdle can do the job, if you just do that and push your penis back. For skimpier stuff, though, and when you can't wear something that bulky, tape works and can be worn with really skimpy bikini panties, etc.
    You can then pull tape from your front, across the sac, and tight to your cheeks. Use clear medical tape with some stretch. You want the stretch. Trust me. And it needs to hold well, since this tape will get pulled at a lot. You can even use the bathroom with this setup, you'll just have to sit down. Your penis will be pulled downwards a bit if you get aroused, though, so no fun in the hotel room with the tape still on. Not something I'd do anyways. Then just tuck your penis back between your legs, and pull on a tight-fitting pair of panties. I used to try really stretchy panties thinking they'd hold stuff in better. Silly me. It's better to get something non-stretchy, and everything should stay in place fine. You can use tape if you like too, just kind of wrap it around the shaft and pull it back towards the cheeks too. Try and keep tape off the head, and only put the tape on when you're soft, or it won't hold. You can sit down and use the bathroom like this too, but you'll have to wipe off.

    Well, whatever you need to do, getting the balls out of the way is the most difficult part at first. After that, you can use this method, or a few other ones to tape with. Once you get the hang of it, it's easy to do, and comfortable for long periods of time.

    I also figured out another way that works pretty well. Just use a pantiliner (the really thin ones with wings) in whatever panties you wear, and it helps smooth things out and keep things in better. They're not that expensive, and... well... for those of you who get a bit... aroused and "leaking" (I shouldn't need to explain that one, but it can be either from what you're wearing or whatever sort of attention you're getting), it keeps things a bit drier and makes for easier cleanup. ;)

    I told you it would be graphic, but it's the best way to explain everything... any questions or comments? :P


    [COLOR=blue]Personal Update:
    Feel free to IM, PM, email me, or whatever, since enough have. But please read through the whole thread first, and also be respectful.
    I'm actually a MtF transsexual now and have lived full-time as a girl for the past few years, so please keep that in mind. I still don't mind giving advice, but I'm not a seamstress or prop maker, but if you want to talk or have any questions about being trans, feel free to say hello.

    Warm regards,
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  • Hmm, I want to try this, but it sounds kind of painful.

  • It's not painful. Just don't rush and don't press too hard. If you take your time, and are gentle, it may be a bit uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt much. You get used to it, and after a while it's painless.
    With a lot of costumes, though, it's the only way to do things. Just imagine wearing something really tight, you cross your legs, and your balls get crushed. This will keep that from happening.
    Frankly, with the right breast padding and this technique, I could pull off looking like a girl in almost any swimsuit. :D


  • Lucky, I need to talk to you someday and get some pointers ^_^

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  • Aiya! Chest taping (to flatten) is much less complicated....

    Do you have tape type / brand recommendations, and / methods of removal? Even sports tape (designed for skin!) has proven it can remove some skin in sensitive areas...

  • 3M Transpore tape is a good choice. It's a clear, strong, hypo-allergenic medical tape. Has a little bit of stretch too, which makes it more comfortable. [url][/url]
    As far as removal goes.... very slowly... Taking it off in the shower helps too. But from experience, just be careful and try and pull the skin taut against the way you're pulling.

    I have a pretty decent body for cosplay, IMHO... just need wig and contacts, really. I got pics of my one costume so far... Could be better, but like I said, just wig and contacts. :D
    I'm a dancer and wear a leotard, so yeah, I could do a swimsuit.
    I would definitely want some good attachable breast forms for that, though. Or I'd have to sew in padding, but that wouldn't look as good...


  • Hmmm: I see it comes in a 2" width: good. But it's clear -oops. I need to still be decent when I bend over = my low-cut shirt gives a clear view of..... stuff.

    Yeah, why are GUY'S nipples not considered indecent exposure, huh? Bloody double standards!! Make 'em put on SHIRTS! :p

  • [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Karisu-sama [/i]
    Yeah, why are GUY'S nipples not considered indecent exposure, huh? Bloody double standards!! Make 'em put on SHIRTS! :p [/QUOTE]

    I concur!

  • Or allow the women to take off their shirts!
    Okay, that's enough ecchi-ness out of me. :P

    My mom clearly expressed that she'd kill me if I even think about shaving any part of my pubic hair. So that technique's out of the question. :/
    Do those crossdressing "gaff" panties work well? I've heard that they smooth out the crotch area better than an ordinary men's dance belt.

  • I've never used one myself. You could also you a pair of super firm control panties, and do this technique, just don't tape. It'll slip more, though.
    Also, contrary to popular opinion, a men's dancebelt doesn't flatten things out. It's not supposed to. It IS supposed to provide a cleaner line, but it's normally worn with everything inside put UP. So it's all very visible. I loathe the things, personally... it's a good thing my teacher are nice with me dressing differently. :D
    I think it'd be better if we just let things go both ways. Let both sexes go without shirts. I mean, it's kinda stupid that guys obsess over breasts quite so much.... stoopid fanservice...
    Hmm... Karisu-san, here's another type of tape that'll help. Honestly, anything medical grade sounds better and less likely to screw up your skin. [url][/url]
    There's also a paper tape you may want to use for the most sensitive areas, like over the nipples, but it won't hold as strongly.


  • Maybe try bandaids Karisu? Just for the nipple covering part. When I get around to my Seymour costume, I'm going to make his chest tattoos aout of a thin pleathery substance, stuck on with spirit gum, and that will be my nipple covers. No point in being shy since I lack breasts for men to obsess over, and the sternum vein from my near-transparent skin will go nice with the funny vein things he has on his head.

    And Miz is right about dance belts. They're more of a push-up bra for your testicals than anything else.

  • Band-aids, even gentle care ones, still leave marks. My experience.

    *makes note of tape brands mentioned* Thank you! I'll try these and see if they leave me unscarred.

  • Believe it or not, it's not what you'd expect; it's NOT the nipple part that's the problem. It's the surprisingly tender skin on the lower part of what little I do have. Ouch. >.<

    EDIT: I'm not supposed to be awake now... *staggers back to bed*