Wild ROAR! Tiger & Bunny @ Katsu 2013!

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#1 Artie Drawings on 6 years ago

Bonjour, Heroes~!
I know it's early, but I'm ready to assemble Tiger & Bunny cosplayers for Katsucon!

Who are you gonna be? Any ideas on where/when to hold shoots? Having any T&B meetups? Post it here!

I'm gonna be civilian Kotetsu Kaburagi!

#2 Andrea on 6 years ago

Will totally be there again if my health and finances allow - I've got my pre-registration and room already! And naturally I'll be doing something Tiger & Bunny related. May bring back swimsuit Kotetsu or the crapsuit, may bring Lunatic. Might have at least the black underarmor for the hero suit done by then, or some other Kotetsu variant. May have a fit of sudden inspiration in the fall and decide to do something over the winter that I don't even know I want to do yet. ;) Will almost certainly bring civvy Kotetsu because it's comfy and fun and thus these days it's what I wear at a con whenever I'm not wearing something else.

#3 marya_lupin on 6 years ago

#4 Athel on 6 years ago

I won't have Origami done, but I may possibly attend as Ivan. :3

#5 Artie Drawings on 6 years ago

A few things regarding the shoot:

Do you think we should have it in the same place as last year (wall across from the gazebo)?

Does anyone have any suggestions for groups to be called up for the shoot?

#6 TETSUYA_CASSHER on 6 years ago

I am 90% sure i am going to katsu. And i will be debuting my WILD TIGER Kuso-SUIT

What do you all think?

#7 DarakuTenshi on 6 years ago

Hello, 2013 is going to be the first Katsucon I'm attending. I have a finished Kriem and would love to join the T&B meet up/photoshoot. Has there been a set date and time yet? I have friends who are planning on doing Tiger and Bunny in their hero suits and we sorta hope it'll be on Friday.

[QUOTE=TETSUYA_CASSHER;4533063]What do you all think?[/QUOTE]
That looks really nice and accurate! The blue/black velvet has a really interesting light effect in pictures. Did you make it yourself?

#8 dragonlance311 on 6 years ago

I plan on cosplaying Kotetsu Kaburagi in his civilian outfit. do we have a time and place for a meet up.this makes me happy to see other cosplayers from Tiger and Bunny

#9 Kaneda99 on 6 years ago


#10 Artie Drawings on 6 years ago

bump! Katsu is getting closer, guys!

@DarakuTenshi: I'm gonna be in two panels at the con, so I'm not sure of a time just yet. I'll take suggestions, though!

I think Saturday morning might work. Anyone else have ideas?

#11 Andrea on 6 years ago

Saturday morning is pretty much guaranteed not to work for me... but I've got so many new costumes planned as part of groups that I'm not going to be able to make a NEW T&B costume for this con, so I'd just be recycling something from another con (most likely either Lunatic or Kotetsu's hat-and-poncho outfit from when he's hiding in the alley late in the series XD). I may wear that Friday morning or late evening, and whatever I am wearing when a T&B photoshoot takes place, I'll at least come to take pics, because I want to see you guys even if I'm not participating. XD

#12 Artie Drawings on 5 years ago

Does Friday sound good for anyone? A lot of people are going to the formal ball, so we should probably hold the shoot before then.

#13 Andrea on 5 years ago

I have a private shoot at 4:30 that day, but if it's not too close to that, I'll try to show up in something even if I don't have a new costume. =)

#14 tatooine on 5 years ago

If you're doing T&B cosplay on Saturday, please join us at the [URL="http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=312098"]mecha genre photomeet[/URL]!

#15 Artie Drawings on 5 years ago

How about we do one on Friday and one on Saturday?

I'll need a volunteer to run the one on Friday, though. I'll do one on Saturday morning.

For those interested in coming to the one on Saturday, how does 11AM or 12 Noon sound?

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