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#1 sailormoonfan14 on 6 years ago

Couldn't decide where to post this, so i posted it in Original Designs and Vocaloid

Okay, so i love SeeU to death, but i don't think her design would look good on my body. So i was thinking what i could do, and i thought this: Miku has a lot of cute mini Kimono designs, so why can't SeeU have a mini Hanbok?

I love traditional dress of any country, so i was really excited by this idea

Here's the design i thought up: [url][/url]

I think that keeping her cat ear headphones and the orange flats should keep enough of her character design for recognizability.

The design along the bottom is a traditional Korean chrysanthemum: [url][/url]

What do you guys think? Is it workable? Anything i should change, add, takeaway?

Thanks :D

#2 J-chanLovesYou on 6 years ago

i think it looks really good. go for it. :D

#3 Kuriin on 6 years ago

Cute! :> If you keep her color scheme and cat ears I think she'll be recognizable enough to Vocaloid fans, at least XD

#4 TMLiza on 6 years ago

^I agree. Vocaloid fans would be able to recognize it. :)

#5 sailormoonfan14 on 6 years ago

Thanks guys :D i've started to draft the pattern, hopefully all goes well :D