CCSakura's Sealed Card Cosplay

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#1 MaryMcWeird on 7 years ago

Hey, so, I'm new to the site, and im kinda hoping you can help me out!

Im planning to make Sakura's Sealed card costume, the one from the second movie, BUT im beginning to sew, so, im no expert.
I was hoping you could help me, maybe with patterns, some instructions, maybe links for tutorial if you have any, whatever you can do to help me would be great cause im blank here!

If there are other Venezuelans here, Im gonna be wearing this cosplay for the Zulia Comic Con in September, maybe we could meet up!

Reference pictures below

Any help is GREATLY appreciated, since this will be my first cosplay, and i want to make it good. Besides the woman who makes the voice for the latin american anime is gonna be there, and i want to get a picture with her!!!