Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

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#1 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

Still a fairly new series and a bit undiscovered but I was wondering if there was anyone out there who plan to cosplay from Magi?

I haven't decided 100% on who I want to cosplay yet but I'm leaning towards Judal. c:

#2 Aciano on 6 years ago

Ah. I'm cosplaying it and I'm getting a group for it. :3 Currently we have Aladdin (myself), Alibaba, and Judal X3

#3 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

Really hoping I'll be able to get together a costume for Alibaba soon. I'm loving the way his weapon looks when it's in the djinn infused state (the longer sword), though I also like his dagger... Ja'far would also be fun to cosplay.

xD; Anyways! I'm planning on it, though I don't have any cosplay friends who are also into Magi at this point.

#4 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

@[b]Spica :[/b] Oh nice! Magi fandom here is like.. Non-existant here so the prospects of a group are very slim. xD

@[b]OldestAngel :[/b] Yeah! I really liked Alibaba's weapon in djinn form too; it kind of made me want to cosplay Alibaba haha!

#5 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

@keita: xD Everybody should cosplay Alibaba. I already have a wig for him, so once I'm finished with my current cosplays, I'm probably going to start him.

#6 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

Aha okay since reading more of the manga, instead of Judal I really want to cosplay Sharrkan 8D I love Sinbad's.. like CREW haha and I don't know a group would be awesome 8D

#7 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

xD Definitely~ You'd make a great Sharrkan too! Sinbad has all the cool people. There needs to be lots of groups of Magi cosplayers.

...I'm now debating between djinn-equipped Alibaba and more normal Alibaba...

...<3 So excited to start my cosplay for this.

#8 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

Yeah seriously! All the big Magi groups can only be found in like.. Asia OTL

djinn-equipped Alibaba! well one is just minus sword so maybe do normal first and then djinn?

#9 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

Yeah, but I'm sure as it gains popularity over here we'll be able to find groups of Magi cosplayers~ I hope. xD;

His hands change with the weapon too, [URL=""]at least I think they do[/URL], though it might just be the strain of the weapon, but I imagine it kind of like his hands look more, well, molten. That's just make-up in the end though, so yeah, probably normal than djinn-equipped.

#10 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

I see what you mean but I think that's just blood trickling down no? Though I'm not entirely sure either haha.
I can't wait for the anime to come out! Because well, voices and OST but also COLOURED REFERENCES!

Also I recently got my friend to totally fall in love with this manga and she adores Ja'far so I might ask her to cos him with me when I cos Sharrkan! Yay~

#11 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

It might just be blood, but I have no idea anymore - though I feel like I've seen it more than once... but either way, I'm just going to make a normal version of him for now.

And there's an anime coming out?! :-0!! YES. OST and references~

More Magi cosplayers~ :D You'll make a great Sharrkan! :D

Edit: Do you think yarn would make a good material for Alibaba's neck thing? I was thinking fabric or maybe red leather braided together, but yarn seems like it might work?

#12 heaven_firings on 6 years ago

I fell in love with Alibaba the moment I saw him and was so excited that he ended up being a main character. So he's definitely who I plan on cosing when I get the chance.

So as for his hands, my take on it is that since his Djinn is a fire element I think his hands take on a molten like state. It is a Djinn equip after all and the take on traits of the Djinn. Also I really like his new sword I just wonder how long it will take for his Djinn to transfer.

I have managed to get two people on board for this series. One is reading it and the other liked the look and description she was given, so I might have a Sinbad and Morgiana. We started talking about who people we knew would look good as who, now to work on getting everyone else into it and not just pictures.

#13 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

@[b]OldestAngel[/b]: Yes! I don't know when the anime is being released but it has been announced that there will be one! 8D Super excited~
I think red pleather would be best? I remember reading [i]somewhere[/i] that it's supposed to represent a noose? Yeaah. c:

@[b]heaven_firings[/b]: Yes! I've managed to get two of my friends into the series, hoping for more for a huge group! Right now so far the most likely group is the main trio of Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana C:

#14 OldestAngel on 6 years ago

@keita: >.<! So excited for that~ And red pleather sounds do-able... now to find it. xD;

@heavens_firings: C: Yay! More Alibaba cosplay~! And good luck with your friends~

#15 ☆ KEITA on 6 years ago

I just went through a bunch of Ohtaka's tegaki drawing translations and I absolutely love Ja'far even more! I really would love to cosplay the Eight Generals someday. :D