Cosplay Pet Peeves

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#1 KuroHana on 13 years ago

I normally don't complain about much but lately there are some things that have been irking me about the cosplay community and I'm just wondering if anyone agrees with me and has more they would like to add. Anyway my big peeve with cosplay in general is when there are people who take a character, mainly final fantasy girls, and apply them to a diffrent setting just so they can wear something skanky. Now that might seem harsh but come on, whats the point in making a Rinoa Theif or whatever else you wanna make unless you want to show some skin :/. This peeve evolves into the next one where people take cute and fuzzy characters like Mokona or Moogles and basicly wear the bare minimum. If you want to wear a provocative cosplay thats fine but atleast wear one that has a refrence OR design one completely on your own instead of being all "i am kawaii moogle gurl !!one!!one!". Finally the last one that sticks out in my head at this very moment is unoriginal "orginal" characters. What I normally see on this site when it comes to original characters yada yada is just something tossed together with no effort behind the character design and clothing process. It's just your everday copy and pasted background character. Bleh. I'm probably gunna get fussed out by people but whatever.

#2 Inuyasha_Kun on 13 years ago

hmmm you do seem to have a point about people making skankyer costumes from the characters... I really don't like customes that show more skin then they really have to. you know.. but that is just me...

Yeah and I know what your talking about the moogles and stuff... its like why don't people just make the moogle custome instead of just buying a hat and saying your a moogle.. or whatever........

Ehh I guess I really don't have a pet peeve... or one that I can think of right now....

#3 SkippingSith on 13 years ago

Saeto hit the nail on the head.

However, my supremely major cosplayer peeve is those who bash people's cosplay without knowing the story behind it. A large majority of my costumes get thrown together in a week or so, because I have the attention span of an ant, and I'm sorry if I can't afford fifteen yards of bridal satin to make wedding Yuna. It was a 2-day project, involved taking apart Christine Daae and another costume, using what I had already invested in with the several yards of leftover fabric, and sewing it by hand (actually out of spite for my ex, who dumped me before the con.) It's pretty the way it is (and has since been machine stitched and significantly improved), and I have other things, like school and a new laptop to worry about purchasing before I buy yards and yards of expensive fabric. Sometimes we just have to make do with a limited budget; most of my things were made for under 50$, simply because I don't have the money to blow on a crazy detailed costume.


And I second the closet-cosplay fanfiction characters. Unless you make some investments, like a wig, makeup, altering clothing to be more like your character, walking up to me at a con in jeans and a t-shirt with "I <3 Anime" on it and claiming you're so-and-so character from chapter nine million of an story doesn't work for me.

#4 Kaijugal on 13 years ago

[URL=""]OH NOES I AM A MOOGLE GIRL 111 !!![/URL] :P[COLOR=green]

Personally, my pet peeve?? People in the community who are hyper critical about other people's costumes rather than attempting to be constructive, thus improving the hobby, (and genreal level of peace, fun, and comraderie), for us all. :sulk:

#5 KuroHana on 13 years ago

Atleast you took the time to create something the looks nice and is truely original in its own way. I hope you didn't take offense to what I said because the skankifying characters comment wasnt directed towards those who take the time to make something good :/.

#6 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 13 years ago

i like this thread.

my pet peeve would have to be those people that view cosplay as nothing but a competition...always comparing people's costumes in and out of the actual masquerades and craftsmenship...and those whose sole purpose is 'to be the best'. It's not like any of us are getting paid for's a hobby. And i personally don't think that because someones costume didn't cost 200+ that it should be looked at as ugly or stupid or compared to someone elses costume PERIOD

also hate the fact that ethinicity is still a big debate and people want cosplayers to look like the character. I am african-american so it hits deeply when my friends and i work hard on costumes only to be overlooked.

#7 *Shiva* on 13 years ago

I think that if you are having fun, that's all that counts. Who are we to judge? As long as no one is wearing anything obscene or otherwise offensive, they can cosplay however they want. Its just a hobby, people. :)

#8 Kaijugal on 13 years ago

[quote=KuroHana]Atleast you took the time to create something the looks nice and is truely original in its own way. I hope you didn't take offense to what I said because the skankifying characters comment wasnt directed towards those who take the time to make something good :/.[/quote]
^_^ Heh. No, I'm not that easily offended, nor do I consider my work "skanky". LOL. I knew what you were getting at, I just can't resist self depricating humour especially since my costume was a rush job to match an actual moogle mascot for a dance we suddenly decided to attend that week.. :D

You're refering to what is often defined as, "victoria secret cosplay", or somesuch similar moniker. No harm done.

#9 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 13 years ago

Saeto: agreed. more and more i see cosplay transforming from being a fun loving hobby and a way to meet be a full blown 'Jerry Springer style" competition. It's like the old joy of cosplay has gone. only seems to have JUST transformed to that. I started liking cosplay in '99...and it just didn't appear to be as much trash talk back then as now. i guess because there are becoming a lot more cosplayers.

marsha: i like to pose and be goofy too...and i always think of how really "hardcore cosplayers" think of me. But i do this for fun...i also think how my costume will be precieved when it isn't accurate...because i don't create costumes for accuracy. i create them for the joy and fun of wearing what i made :)

#10 KnuxieChan on 13 years ago

I agree with KuroHana. I REALLY hate seeing skanky-looking outfits for cute characters. Especially if the cosplayer isn't.. really.. fit for the outfit.. no offence..

I really.. really don't like when people wear glasses when they're taking photos and the character doesn't wear them. I'm sorry, but it just spoils the whole cosplay for me. I wear glasses, but I always take them off for photos.

I don't like when people that aren't cosplaying just wear stupid signs, or random cat/fox ears and tails.. "Free hugs!", "I like Yaoi/yuri/yiff!", "Hug me!" I personally don't care what you like. If you like those things, good for you, but don't show it off. Some people just don't wanna see it.

Another cosplay pet peeve.. people who take cosplaying too seriously.. Sure, the costume should be accurate or recognizable, but try to have fun while you're cosplaying! That's what I do. *nod* And if you don't enjoy the costume you're wearing, don't wear it. @[email protected]

Um, that's all I can think of for now..

#11 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 13 years ago

shippo: the sign thing gets on my nerves too...i do, however, like signs that tell us what you are. I haven't seen much of that, but i was planning on making one to not be confused with a naruto character. (doing Kakurenbo. might be confused for doing an ANBU character from Naruto) But the I like Yaoi/Hentai/Yuri/Pocky signs and also Glomp Me/Molest Me/Hug Me signs are getting outrageous...and they take up my space. lol

Saeto: So true about the growing up! I know conventions are where people like to go when they are escaping the inhibitions that the "outside world" puts on anime-lovers and cosplayers...but they act as if they forget that conventions don't give them the right to act completly idiotic. I am eighteen and feel far more mature then most con-goers. These youngsters are so darn competitive :)

#12 RevGirl on 13 years ago

One of my peeves has been mentioned, those who have the 'I am more cosplayer than thou' attitude and will patronize other cosplayers. Another thing I don't like is when people ask "What character should I be? Which one do I look like the most?". Okay, there's something to be said about looking very much like your character the way you naturally are. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't attempt a costume because you don't have the right eye color or hair length or skin tone. I don't have any of those in common with Utena for example but I still adore some of her outfits. If you're putting effort into the content and presentation, those details really ought'ant matter. Just do what attracts you.

#13 Malicious on 13 years ago

damn right revgirl!! it gets on my nerves too when people only cosplay characters just cuz they "look" like each other. so what if u have short brown hair and there for can only cosplay as yuna? try something else!! u'd probably have alot more fun that way too!

what also gets on my nerves is rude people who think fat people shouldn't cosplay. in one of my myspace's group, one guy staes how fat girls shouldn't wear spandex and girl with a-cup bra sizes should NOT cosplay as...let's say... Kasumi from DOA. So what if ur body isn't just like the characters? the point is u made a costume, and viewers should admire it! I can't stand people (who don't even cosplay at cons!) who are there just to make fun of others, who've worked hard on their costumes!! grrr......

#14 Atasha on 13 years ago

The "Hug me", "Glomp me" ect ect get on my nerves too. I just don't think they're appropriate.
Then the people that rather say mean things about a cosplayer then learn from them. I rather learn from a better cosplayer than be jealous of them. Those kind of people get on my nerves too.

Most of the stuff that are my pet peeves have been already said so I won't repeat 'em. ^^;

#15 RaDragon76 on 13 years ago

Saeto- Seems you and I have the same pet peeves about the cosplay community. I've only been cosplaying for a year and some of the things people say about other people's costumes or about the people who wear them are just rude and unfriendly. There are even times when I wonder why I'm even involved in cosplaying at all since people might judge me and my love of cosplaying based on rude things that the majority of people say on forums and at conventions themselves.

My pet peeves are many but the one that tops the list are cosplayers who think that they are 'God's gift' to cosplay simply because they have gotten recognition for a costume or have won an award. Then they act like they are the authority on that particular costume or on cosplay in general and when they bother to give advice to anyone else, if they bother to at all, they do so with a snobbish air but without really giving help to the person who asked. That ticks me off to no end. They seem to have forgotten that they were once new to cosplay too.

My other top peeve is the way people have been treating cosplayers who commission rather than make there own costumes and also the way some people here have been bad mouthing commissioners (people who make commissioned costumes) Not everyone can sew a costume themselves and there are various reasons why this happens. Just because someone bought their costume doesn't make them lazy or not a 'true' cosplayer. It simply means that they, for whatever their reason, would rather have someone else make the costume. As for commissioners themselves, not every person who makes costumes for money is out to trick you or to take your money and run without giving you the services for which you have paid. There are plenty of legit commissioners out there if you know where and bother to take the time to look.