Resident evil cosplay

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#1 Doryuu_Kun123 on 5 years ago

hello! is there anyone planning on doing a RE costume for acen this year? i am curious because i am gonna try to go as a Bsaa soldier . i would like to meet up and maybe take some photos!

#2 LolitaRei on 5 years ago

My group involves Piers, Chris, Leon, Helena, Sheva, Ada, and possibly a Jake.

#3 Ms.chif on 5 years ago

Hey there! I'm thinking about bringing Manuela Hidalgo (from REDC). I have it done, and never got the chance to Debut it so, we'll see. I will Stop by the photoshoot to see all your awesome costume and take pictures! Can't wait to see you all!

#4 LolitaRei on 5 years ago

It looks like my group is doing Resident Evil on Day 1. I'll try and organize a time and location for a photoshoot if anyone is interested.

#5 Doryuu_Kun123 on 5 years ago

nice! sounds good!

#6 fandalia on 5 years ago

I am the ada from lolita rei's group and my fiance is going to be leon so excited for a photoshoot.

#7 LolitaRei on 5 years ago

Ok, according to the ACen forums, the Resident Evil gathering will be on Friday, 7:30pm at Loading Docks A.