Michigan cosplayers?

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#1 XxmysanctauryXx on 5 years ago

anyone from michigan who cosplays? preferably kingdom hearts cosplays?

#2 AmberRosie on 5 years ago

Im from michigan, but never watched/played kingdom hearts.. I am currently going to cosplay from; Black Butler, Darker Than Black, Hell Girl, Death Note, Soul Eater (I have watches naruto and bleach, but currently do not cosplay it..) :D so yeah XDD there aren't many MI cosplayers, so if u find any that cosplay that specific genre good luck.. believe me i tried :X

#3 XxmysanctauryXx on 5 years ago

i would love to cosplay with you if you're going to alma or we can set things up xD Pm me if you want to.

#4 Ariis on 5 years ago

Michigan here :)

#5 Dengen88 on 5 years ago

Michigan right here i live closer to the down river area, But i really love to cosplay i have played all the Kingdom hearts games but i have yet to cosplay as anyone from it..

#6 foxyv17 on 5 years ago

I'm from michigan. I live in the thumb but i have never done KH cosplay before but my brother has a replica keyblade. I've cosplayed air gear and going to do Black butler and Yu yu hakusho.