Nekocon goers

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#1 Illyaria on 6 years ago

Well I was thinking how Nekocon is right after Halloween so it is common to see non traditional costumes. How does everyone feel about Halloween costumes being displayed? The things that come to mind are Freddy Kruger, Jason, and Star Wars. That brings me to my next point. Is wearing a star wars costume taboo at an anime convention? It seems like it would be awkward but I've seen so many storm troopers!

#2 AquaPenguin on 6 years ago

I personally see nothing wrong with it. Especially with scifi series- you see at least one Stormtrooper or Vader a year. Heck, one year there was a Ghostbuster! :3 We're all nerds, why not be nerds together!
In fact- I'm planning on being Fem!10th Doctor for Halloween as was considering wearing it to Nekocon.

#3 Illyaria on 6 years ago

I am highly considering slave leia because I wouldn't be able to get a new costume in short notice except from halloween stores. It seems acceptable. Except it is very little clothing and Nekocon is always FREEZING!

#4 Tigress on 6 years ago

McCall's sells a cape pattern that is really easy to follow. So you can make a quick cape to wrap around you when you are outside and keep warmish.

#5 Illyaria on 6 years ago

Thank you Tigress!