Fanime Lolita Picnic 2010 (Ouji Dandy Aristo welcome!)

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#1 Claudia Ethos on 10 years ago

I am planning to have a picnic with any lolitas attending Fanime this year.
Anyone that would like to attend may, as long as they dress lolita and are polite!
And if it isn't a trouble, let me know you will attend my picnic.
Making treats to bring as well would be much appreciated!
Also sorry for the delay in posting on :P

Love having picnics in your lolita finest? Haven't had a chance to wear your new dress? Like to meet new people and eat delicious sweets? Join in my lovely lolita picnic and enjoy yourself for a few hours during your Fanime weekend. Remember Ouji are allowed! (Males dressed in elegant attire)

Like before we will have a list of screen names of people going. If you have your friends going they will be added under friend of =screenname here= on the list.
It will be held in a new area on the Marriott side of the Concourse. If you get lost head to BShapire's gathering board for directions
If there are any questions or comments, please leave them as replies in here. If you have any personal questions pm me please.
We plan for it to be on Sunday around 11 to 1.
KEEP IN MIND, Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

other threads:

List of those going!(from cosplay forums)[/u][/b]
[*]Claudia Ethos (Lizchan33) *host*


What is Lolita, Kodona, and Dandy?
Lolita is similar to EGL(elegant and gothic lolita) but much broader. It includes anyone dressed in cute girly and frilly attire. It can be argued to also be considered the style that young girls wore in the victorian era. Like outfits such as these:

[url][/url] (classic lolita)
[url][/url] (Gothic lolita)
[url][/url] (kuro lolita)
[url][/url] (kuro lolita and shiro lolita)
[url][/url] (sweet lolita)
[url][/url] (hime lolita)
[url][/url] (country lolita)
[url][/url] (waloli and quiloli outfits)

Dandy and Kodona is like a guy version where they look like young princes or men in elegant attire.
[url][/url] (dandy/kodona)

[url][/url] (gurololi and dandy)
[url][/url] and punk lolita)

Link to a guide for lolitas and kodona/Dandy:
I will also let cosplayers that are wearing cute outfits to attend too, I'm not that mean! <3

If you really wanted to you could probably check out wikipedia as well....

#2 Claudia Ethos on 10 years ago

didn't expect many people on cosplay posting to come....

#3 Angelx624 on 10 years ago

I've already posted on the Fanime thread. :3 But I post here, too, so I thought I'd reply. ^_^

I'm sure those in the Fanime thread on the forums are still going. ;)

#4 Claudia Ethos on 10 years ago

for sure. seems to not have as much activity in the gatherings department :P

#5 *rei* on 10 years ago

I couldnt find this topic on the fanime forums. But I would like to make it to the picnic this year. I will be dressed up as a hime lolita.

#6 Claudia Ethos on 10 years ago

We actually moved places too... I'd say check out the cosplay gatherings booth and they can direct you to the proper place :P

#7 fabrickind on 10 years ago

Now I've posted that I'm going in three spearate places, so you know I'm going for sure. :D

I'm adding a bit of trim to my dress right now. >____< Almost done!

#8 Claudia Ethos on 9 years ago

I decided to save the old thread because I guess I'm lazy......

#9 kagome437 on 9 years ago

i posted on the fanime thread but i'll post here too ^^