Giant Bunny Ears Tutorial!

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#1 kisu-koneko on 13 years ago

^___^ i had to make some giant bunny ears for cosplaying a viera girl so heres how i did it :D

fairly long knife
3 inch thick foam sheet
faux fur.. or real ;_; faux is just my choice (animal lover :X)
packedging tape (the brown kind)
hot glue gun and glue sticks

1.) First get your foam and figure out how big you want them, drawing out the shape on the foam. For me I needed some big ole ears so I measured my head and did a little bit taller then that.
Next I cut them out using the long knife
(doesnt gotta be neat because you can cut pieces off later on to make it straight and perdy :b)
After that you need to start shaping them so fix your edges and then cut the corners so itll make a rounder shape when adding fur and whatnot.
And lastly for the shaping, bunny ears have a nice curve in the middle so I cut striaght down the middle a few times and ripped pieces out.
Tear out more in the middle and less on the two sides so itll make a nice curvey shape.
[URL=""][/URL] O and bunny ears start out thinner and get wider as they reach the top so take off a little bit near the bottem.

2.) Now that we have our base for the ears we can start attaching fur! NOT! ahahahah! You gotta tape down the whole thing first so itll have the perfect shape ^___^ (im so mean lolz) So start by taping from one side near the inside curve to the back and the stopping at that inside curve on the other side.
Remember to tighten it up a bit because the fur adds on to it and they might come out bigger then you expected if you dont lol. Anyways keep doing that along the bottom and then take one piece and put it straight down the curve in the middle til it gets to the start of the back of the ear.
Next you can roll the tape all the way around the top part and stuff you know go crazy with it till you get the shape. Just remember that if you get in the middle too much that curve is gonna disappear, so if you need to make some cuts in the middle. And yay were done!

3.) ARE YUH READY FO SOME FURRRRR? XD Yay we get to do fur now! Im making it seem fun but its really a bitch lol. Well it was for me when I first started but since you guys have someone telling you how after making there mistakes Im sure itll be easier for you.

(sorry I dont really have pictures for this part but my hands were pretty full lol, if you need help on the mixing fur so you cant see the cracks[the bottem part of this section] then look at my pictures for doing spots, which illustrates the same technique)

Alrighty! First take one of your sheets of faux fur and lay it the back of the ear on the inside of the fur. Figure out how youre going to do the starting wrap by figuring out what direction the fur is going in and it you want any detail on your ears. Mine have brown at the top and spots on the back so i did a diagonal linealone the top where i added brown later, and put where the fur meets on the inside of the ear(since its easier then trying to work spots around the back where theres a small line type thing going on, which you can conseal pretty well if you do it like how I did :D) Ok go ahead and start hot glueing the start of one side down letting it dry and then glueing down more little at a time (do all this before cutting youre starting fur!) then once you get where youre sides of the fur meet, cut it so theres just a bit more fur then youd need. Put glue down on the visable tape in between the un-glued fur and the fur that you glued at the beginning. Push down the furso it fills that spot and let dry. Next push the fur back to where you need to cut that extra off. If you do this before you cut it then you should get fur that hangs over the side, simply push it over the crack and voila! You can barely see it :D Its pretty much the same technique like that to fill in more spots or for adding details, but for details you need to do things a little different.

For adding spots: get your shape and color fur and everything ready then go to where you want it and push the fur at the edge of where you want it down.
Then put some glue on it and glue it down so the edge of your spot is right above it, now you can push that fur back up and itll look like a naturally mixed in spot :D

Unfortunatly for other details you might want youll have to figure it out yourself :/ Spots were all I needed to do, but Im sure you guys can find some other kewl ideas :D

Anyways, now were done with our prettyful, big, human sized, bunny ears!!!

#2 kisu-koneko on 13 years ago

o yeah does anyone have any ideas of how to attach these to my wig? lol I dont want to hot glue incase I use the wig again... but if I cant think of anything else I just may have to D:

#3 Mutt on 13 years ago

I would say..Hot glue is too a stable head band that matches the cotume/hair. Make sure it's strong enough too hold the ears and not fall off. =3

I was going too go as a yume -subeta minion- because a few people from there were going as pets. XD So the bunny ears help. =3

#4 WARPAINTandUnicorns on 13 years ago

You could stitch them on with thread to the weft lines in different spots to make them secure.

#5 vampirate on 13 years ago

When I make mine my plan is to attach them to a headband and then cut slits in the net of my wig and pull the ears through that, having the headband under the wig. I doubt I'll use my wig for anything other than Fran but if I did later then I could just stitch up the net.

#6 kisu-koneko on 13 years ago

yup i prolly will end up doing the same :D i kinda wanted to tsukasa next year so i guess even with the slits in the wig i could use it again for certain costumes :3

#7 Jonetsu on 13 years ago

When I get to the ears on my Fran I'm going to be using a completely different approach. The ears that I make should actually wind up looking like real giant ears. ^^ I'm going to be taking real deerskin, creating the pattern with the curve in it, wetting the backside with warm water (just hot enough that you can still put your hand in it) Shaping it, and once it's mostly dry, melt wax, heat the ears to about 100 degrees or so, and paint the inside with wax-the leather has to be warm enough to soak some of the wax in, but be very very careful not to let it go all the way through the hide, or you'll have waxy fur ^^; attach to headpiece or headband and voila! The waxing and the wetting and drying should be plenty to get them to stand up, without giving bulky ears...

#8 bunnybeth on 13 years ago

For my Mew Berry costume, I made them on a headband and then wear them under a wig with slits cut for the ears to poke through. I will say that making this semi-permanent is a good option. I had to cut slits longer for the "fat" part of the ear to fit through, and then it wasn't as wide at the base, so I stitched up the netting to fit the smaller size once the ears were in place. I found this looked better as I have dark hair and the wig is light blonde, even though it makes it a little more tricky to put the wig on as the headband has to be put in place at the same time.

#9 Jonetsu on 13 years ago

heeeeey! I finally got mine done (mostly)
There one is! I only realized after I cut it that I needed much more black on the tops, so I'm going back over with a sharpie, which seems to work pretty well-and it doesn't bleed through the leather, which is always good. I'll post more pics when I get that done. One of them was a little floppy for my tastes after I soaked it, but I got a big pot of boiling water, and dipped the tops in for about a minute, and now it's setting up quite nicely. ^^

#10 lilneko06 on 13 years ago

cant you kinda use this tutorial to make fox ears. jus a little altering right/ i to do a kuyuubi naruto and was going to do ears. and cant i also make a tall with some altering. kinda smimilar to bunny ears except longet and slimer.

#11 kisu-koneko on 13 years ago

btw guys after attaching them to my wig i realized that they are very very heavy lol so if you can find a more lightweight foam then the kind i used do so :D i just used that kind because thats what was laying around XD

#12 kisu-koneko on 13 years ago

[QUOTE=lilneko06;2001738]cant you kinda use this tutorial to make fox ears. jus a little altering right/ i to do a kuyuubi naruto and was going to do ears. and cant i also make a tall with some altering. kinda smimilar to bunny ears except longet and slimer.[/QUOTE]

yeah definatly :D

#13 thepanther17fan on 10 years ago

what happened to the pics? it says they were moved or deleted.

#14 DlGlT on 10 years ago

Likely deleted, this thread is 3 years old.