Kiki's Delivery Service: Kiki Cosplay

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#1 momopeach32 on 8 years ago

I'm trying to pull together a cosplay for an upcoming con, and I'm planning on going as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service. So far I'm having trouble finding pieces for it. I have a bag that could be used, although it's more of a red color. My hair is already brown, and so I just need to get a haircut for that. That leaves me with the trouble of:

1) The dress
2) The orange flats
3) The broom
4) The bow

I can easily order a Jiji plush, and I already have a dowel that I can make a broom with. If I were to have a pattern to work with, I could make the dress as well. For the bow, I'd preferably like one that could support itself. Lastly, if there was a way to make the bag, I'd love to hear of it. The bag I have is a tad on the small side, but could work if that's all I had.

Here's an example of the dress: [url][/url]

Here is an example of the broom/bag: [url][/url]

#2 Fabulousity on 8 years ago

Okay, [URL=""]here's a good pattern for the dress[/URL]. Another cosplayer recommended it, and you can see how it turned out [URL=""]here[/URL].

This is the tutorial I used to make my Sailor Moon bows, and it worked really well ([URL=""]Part 1[/URL] [URL=""]Part 2[/URL]). You can make the bow following this tutorial, wrap a headband in the same fabric, and then glue the bow on.

Here's a tutorial for a [URL=""]messenger bag[/URL]. You'd have to adjust the measurements since the end product is a bit small for Kiki's bag.

And finally, we have a [URL=""]tutorial for the broom[/URL]. Simple enough.

I hope this helps you! I've considered doing Kiki before, so I've researched it a lot :) Good luck!

#3 momopeach32 on 8 years ago

Thank you very much! This is so helpful! :D I was wondering if that pattern of the dress is still available, because it says it's out of print...I'm not too familiar with the site, but I have bought their patterns before. I'll see I guess.

For the bag, do you have any suggestions on a material?

So the brooms are wiccan-style? That's what I was thinking of; the round ended brooms. Do you know of any material I could use instead of sticks? I think they meant small twigs from outside. I guess I could poke around some craft stores and see what I can find.

#4 Fabulousity on 8 years ago

You can still buy the pattern. They just mean that when they're sold out, it's gone.

Personally, I would use twill. It would be heavier than cotton, but still give you the soft, flexible look of Kiki's bag.

You could probably find some straw or small branches or something at a craft store or Trees 'n' Trends so you wouldn't have to go searching for twigs outside :)

#5 momopeach32 on 8 years ago

Meaning I need to buy it soon. lol I kind of figured that was the case.

Yeah, a nice durable material that will make the bag functional. That way (if need be) I can store Jiji in it, and stuff my con purchases in it.

Searching outside would prove to be interesting. I'll have a look in a Michaels or an AC Moore or something. If not, then I'll just go twig hunting outside. lol

#6 Fabulousity on 8 years ago

Oh! I forgot about the shoes! How about this?


#7 momopeach32 on 8 years ago

I've seen some of those around the internet, but I'm a little worried about how they will hold up when used...I'll need to put something soft in the heel as well, so it won't hurt when using them. I think I'll go poke around online for some size charts, so I can order a pair; these are definitely the cheapest. Thank you!