The All-Purpose Ragnarok Online cosplay thread!

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#1 BabySnowLeopard on 15 years ago

Yay for RO cosplay!! Report in, guys! X3

Gosh there are so many RO costumes I want to do... *_* I've only worn blacksmith so far, but that wasn't mine (Thanks Tran! ^-^!!) and now I'm tempted to make my own blacksmith O_O I don't really like blacksmith tho, it's the only class I'm not playing >_>

I've been planning to make a costume of my primary for like... a year now O_o ooouu guild group shots! yush! :D (Hopefully at Animagic!)

... and I want to make all the headgears! *_*


#2 Nietsche on 15 years ago

Ag...been planning this one for ages too....damn cosplay overload....
I think I'm gonna promote myself to Hunter or something.....

#3 Lafiel on 15 years ago

I'll be the Thief Next year at AB if all goes well, should have a large group too.

*crosses fingers*

#4 Nightmare on 15 years ago

Well, I don't know if you knew this, but there is already a Ragarok Cosplay thread. But I am doing a male assassin costume, complete with working katars. I'm part of a large group, of at least 4,5 people. It's going to kick ass. :)

#5 Iori E on 15 years ago

Bleh... I have so many costume ideas to go through...
Would someone please be so kind as to remind me in the future that I have to be a Munak next year...

#6 Phavorianne on 15 years ago

Nooooooo *must beat IE to Munak*
go and level your merch or something X3
mwee hee hee

I REALLY hope you didn't mean working katars....

~Psycho Paff

#7 Mythril on 15 years ago

Awww, I was planning a Munak for next year! But maybe I'll do a Bongum (spelling?) instead... You know... She looks like a munak in blue O.o -- And she always kills me in the Payon caves.

Are any of you going RO to Otakon?

#8 Iori E on 15 years ago

Merchant is on hold. Am now raising Swordsman to fund Merchant. XD

You can be a Sohee. :D

#9 Mouse on 15 years ago

I want to be an Alice after I do my Swordman costume. No one would know who I was, though. Maybe I could run around after RO cosplayers sweeping behind them. They'd probably hit me. <_>

#10 Sciguy on 15 years ago

A swordy to fund a merchant? does anyone else see the irony in that? anywho, I plan to cosplay my archer at some point in the near future. Hey, would any cute huntresses want to "hunt" with me?

#11 Nightmare on 15 years ago

Yes I do find the irony in that... I haven't been playing much lately. Initial D is taking all my money, and my time goes to my new girlfriend. Yep, I am planning on making a... drum roll please... male assassin. Yes, a character that isn't dont as much from RO. I also want to get a racoon plushie so that I can have a smokie as a pet with me that day. :)

#12 Phavorianne on 15 years ago

I think perhaps the male assassin is so far the most cosplayed RO character in the US. And one of the first to appear ^.^ Wow, I saw so many RO cosplays at AX... musta been at least 30 peoples *__*

Munak and Bongun are such popular costumes now O.O;; Ou... IoriE doing a Munak and Mythril doing a Bongun... that would be interesting... not that I mind crossplay ^__~
AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR KAPRA STAFF?? >_> I need storage to keep all my headbands, IE! *poke poke*

#13 Iori E on 15 years ago

Yes, ummm... the Kapra thing has been put on hold... for a very long time... ^^;

In the meantime, you can contact my Merchant. She has "Increase Weight Limit" maxed.

#14 Mouse on 15 years ago

[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Phavorianne [/i]
AND WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR KAPRA STAFF?? >_> I need storage to keep all my headbands, IE! *poke poke* [/B][/QUOTE]

That's next on my list. XD At one point I thought of stalking RO cosplayers, yelling "We will stay with you wherever you go!" and insist on carrying their stuff.

#15 BabySnowLeopard on 15 years ago

LOL! Nope, no active RO threads for general purpose chatting, so I thought I'd start one =D

IE I still think you should cosplay Illari >_> Promise me you'll never cosplay Tart >_<

Nightmare~ Are your katars going to have three SS cards in them too?? XDDDDDDDD

and omg yeah *_* it was like every other person at AX played RO... and a good half of them either had an RO costume or was planning one *_*