Yu-Gi-Oh Cosplay

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#1 Catpaw on 15 years ago

How many ppl have cosplayed as YGO characters/cards? Just recently my sis and my friend Jackie were characters from Ai-Kon.
(Visit my gallery for pics) I also saw a Mai (Battle City), Tea (Spirit Shirt) and 2 Setos there... Anyone else?

#2 CapsuleCorp on 15 years ago

I put together a pretty simple Goth Yugi, detailed to the episodes where Yami gets dragged for a day on the town with Tea. It's nice for those times when I want to be in a costume but not burdened with multiple layers or uncomfortable shoes or tight belts or corsets or anything. I just didn't bother doing the hair.

There's a few monsters I've been eyeing for costuming possibilities. I'd like to do the Celtic Guardian if I could find the time and money to do a kick-butt job on the armor.

#3 Oingo on 15 years ago

At Otakon I plan to cosplay as Garoozis from Joeys Deck. It'll be pretty tall so I will be easy to spot.

#4 kdthompson on 15 years ago

Animazement 2003, I was Pegasus. I was going to be him again at MetroCon, but I couldn't find my millieum eye. *has to make a new one*

I've got plans for Malik since I got leather pants not too long ago, and there are several monster I'd like to cosplay as like the Dark Magician, the Celtic Gardian, Harpie Brother, etc.

Oh, and if anyone wants instructions on how to make a duelist glove or a simplified version of the Duelist Disk v.2, do PM me...I know how and it's fairly simple.

Or, if everyone wants to know, I'll post detailed instructions here.

Edit: Oh! and I forgot to mention my plans for Pharaoh Yugi from the manga as well...

#5 Eyeless Puppet on 15 years ago

OMG! Did anyone happen to see that yugi at JACON2003!? He was in the costume contest! HIS HAIR WAS AWSOME!!

#6 kdthompson on 15 years ago

I think I've seen the pictures floating around; they were really nice.

Edit: Oh...and I forgot to mention that there was a battle city kaiba at MetroCon. His costume was kinda simplified but you could tell it was him.

#7 Chun Li on 15 years ago

Must Dark Migician cosplay. Or Dark Sage or Magician of Dark Chaos Baka Helmet WHY DOSE HE NEED IT IN EVERY FORM OF HIS COSTUME?! WHYYYYYY

#8 kdthompson on 15 years ago

Chun Li- At animazement 03, there was a Magician of Dark Chaos there. and it was a great looking costume. However, when I took a closer look at it, it looked really easy to make. I'd check those pictures out if I were you.

And if they're aren't any there, I can post the pics here.

#9 Catpaw on 15 years ago

I've seen Dark Magician, Celtic Guardian and Magician of Black Chaos...

#10 Ihrie on 15 years ago

I did a Yu-gi-oh costume for a friend of mine. I did Bakura for his Yugi at Jacon this past May.

#11 kdthompson on 15 years ago

*sighs dreamily, remembering pictures* Bakura.... (have you guess it? I love his costume!)

Geeze...now I wanna remake my Millieum eye...but I don't have a ping pong ball handy...*sighs*

#12 waynekaa on 15 years ago

Lessee, I've made
all 7 Millenium Items
2 Kuribo
Toon Blue Eyes White Dragon
Black Magician
Seto Kaiba Battle City
I've got pictures of them in my gallery

And my friends have Yugi, Isis, Black Magician Girl x 2, and you can see those from my AGSMA Banner link, Anime Expo 2003 Report.

#13 Mekou on 15 years ago

I must get Magician of Faith back underway. -.- I'm gonna be so dead by Anime norht X_X

- Magician of Faith
- Change of Heart
- Graceful Charity
- Flame Swordsman

COH and GC aren't really that hard but the WINGS omg X_X *dies* and Flame will be a challenge...

and all this for only ONE of the THREE groups that CAMioS plans to do next year...

SAVE ME!! *cries* ;_;

#14 kdthompson on 15 years ago

It's alright Mekou-chan...wings, I think, are a challange for anyone...

I'm going to have the same problem when I go to work on Harpie Brother.

*cries at the though of waynekaa's props and costumes* SO...good!

#15 hichan on 15 years ago

weeee! *points to banner* XD

only dark magician girl so far!!! but! i will have more! XD