How to make Fran's shoes

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#1 Jonetsu on 12 years ago

Alright, so after making mine, and looking around at what the other solutions were out there, I decided to post mine for making incredibly accurate Fran shoes. Here's what they're supposed to look like-



Here's how mine turned out- and a rush job to boot

Here's how I did it ^^

Materials Needed:
-base shoes
-JB weld
-Junior Hacksaw
-small brackets
-bolt cutters
-bolts (4 4in, 2 1 1/2 in)
-knuts for the bolts (6 total)
-bastard cut file
-friendly plastic
-Strong glue (E600 works best)
-sandpaper (400 should work fine)
-black enamel paint

Materials should run at about $70, depending how much you need to buy and how much your shoes cost. Onward!

1. Base shoes. I looked everywhere for ones with the right straps, and proper hieght, and finally made a trip to my local porn store, where I found [url][/url] those. Well, in black. They cost me about $25. That style is perfect-they have a hollow tube in the center of the heel that works great for threading the bolt through.

2. Alright, now make a trip to home depot. I got my hacksaw (about $12-15) file ($5), knuts and bolts ($2) and found some bracket thingys meant for windows I think, that have 3 prongs, and bought two sets-I double-layered them to make sure they would support my weight. Check them against your feet to look at the spacing on the holes.

3. Now, saw the bottom of your heels off-as such [url][/url] Draw a line around, level, with a sharpie, from the base where the heel connects, and try to saw as evenly as possible. Now it's filing time. Now it's time to get your heel evened out-make sure it's level before you move on-it helps a looooot.

3. Theeeeen.... it's time to take off the rhinestone tape-it's easy, if you look at the underside, it's sewn on with one stitch down the middle, so just remove that stitch, cut the tape at either end, and peel it off. Oh, and depending on which version of her feet you're doing (open toed or black claws) cut off the bottom 2 straps.

4. Preparing the heel aparatus. Take your bracket, and trim it down with bolt cutters-take off the third side (if yours has them) and trim the corners around the outside of the holes for your bolts (not shown in the pic) If you want to, file any pointys, but it's not entirely necessary. Then stick your 4" bolts into the holes and clamp them on with the knuts and a pair of pliers-it should look something like this- [url][/url] Now, hold that up to your shoe, and take a look. The bolts are probably going to be a bit too long, so mark them, and cut them with your boltcutters, then file the stubs so you won't rip up carpet with every step.

5. Time to prep the shoe to add the apparatus. start by peeling up the cushion on top of the plastic, it's not too hard, though it may take wedging a flathead screwdriver, or knife or something in between and prying. That will give you perfect access to the hole on the inside. Now place your 1 1/2" bolt in and see how it fits-it should wiggle around a bit but not fall through, or get stuck before it fits in. Time to mix up the JB Weld. Take your bolt, and smoosh a glob around the top, then drop it into the hole, and position it so that it's coming out straight. Any residue JB weld, wipe off the ridges before it dries. And then let it dry-a good solid 24 hour cure time. I used E600 when I first did this, which is why the pic shows it as clear, but it didn't work as well as I would have liked, which is why I reccomend the JB Weld- here's how mine looked

6. After it dries, screw on your heel apparatus, and tighten it on with your last knut, then cut the excess bolt off with the boltcutters. [url][/url]

WOOHOO!!! Skeleton shoes done! They'll support your weight and everything! Now onto the buildup of the heel.

7. Time to play with friendly plastic! buildup the top first like so-[url][/url] I took a loooot of time to figure out exactly what the back should look like, and in all the pics, there's actually a top piece like that before it splits into the two heels. BTW, In this pic, I actually used fimo, and it was waaaay a bad call. At this point, I was 2 weeks before con, and didn't have the time or quite enough money to order friendly plastic. So then buildup your heels. try to get the angle nice and sharp like fran's are. when doing the second shoe, constantly cross-check them to make sure they're the same size and shape.

8. Finishing- if you're going to do the black claws on front, now is the time to shape those-you may need to put a sock on and wrap your foot in saranwrap, put on the shoe and build the claws onto yourself, or, you could simply buy some fake nails (what I did-they sell big multipack at walmart for about $5 that work great for all your nails for fran) cut them to the proper length, and put them onto your toenails, makes a really cool effect- [url][/url] very much like the in-game effect. Then (if needed) sand your pieces, and paint them black.

Voila! You now have Fran shoes!


#2 Ditto on 12 years ago

The first link is messed up, it should be: [URL=""][/URL]

#3 Jonetsu on 12 years ago


#4 CHIBI-Chii on 6 years ago

I am following this amazingly sick tutorial thank you thank you thank you!!!! <3