South Carolina Cosplayers

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#31 TybaltFlux on 10 years ago

I've always wanted to go to Charlseton, I hear it's a really attractive and appealing town and such. But yeah, it's faaar. From here at least.

And there's only like, one cosplayer around here (Charlotte area). THOUGH, it was funny cause the one cosplayer I'm talking about I actually met at AWA a week back, while at the Soul Eater shoot-

"Hai I'm from the Charlotte area"
"Me too!"
"I'm from -enter town here-"
"ME. TOO."
-soul resonance-

P.S. Bur, are you going to Neko instead of AUSA now?

#32 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 10 years ago


And there's only like, one cosplayer around here (Charlotte area). [/QUOTE]

In the Charlotte area in NC or like near Rock Hill in SC? I know quite a few Charlotte cosplayers. I started hanging with a LOT of NC cosplayers because, well, i couldnt find any in SC. lol

Oh, and here's an interesting question: what cons does everyone go too? I am always needing a ride >.< haha
Right now i go to:
Anime Weekend Atlanta

I'm hoping to go to Momocon, NYCC[?], Otakon, Dragon*Con, and AUSA next year

#33 TybaltFlux on 10 years ago

You're close to my town, Jessi, that's all I'll say, cause the internetz makes me paranoid to say my town on a public forum ;P. I know there's a few in NC (the J-Day kids), near the border to SC, and of course, plenty in NC, cause that's Virginia country up there, and VA has three trillion cons.

I go to Katsucon, Animazement, AnimeNext (though that's probably off the list now), Otakon, and, now, AWA.

I 'might' be going to Nekocon and to Momocon as well.

#34 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 10 years ago

[QUOTE=TybaltFlux;2640388]You're close to my town, Jessi, that's all I'll say, cause the internetz makes me paranoid to say my town on a public forum ;P. [/QUOTE]

wow, now i'm curious. I dont mind saying Myrtle Beach on a public forum because a. its such a popular tourist destination, b. its huge, no one can find me and c. i'm not technically in MB. technically. lol

#35 TybaltFlux on 10 years ago

Oh I didn't mean, you, yourself, were close to my town ;P, I meant you were close to guessing where it was XP.

#36 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 10 years ago

OH ok. lol. I get it now. :) I'm not really familiar with the area up that way. I just know Rock Hill is close to Charlotte because someone i knew went to college up that way.

#37 Bur Loire on 10 years ago

Tybalt>>>Yeah I can't gett he dates off for AUSA so now we're aiming for NekoCon! And if we can't get to that one we're going to Atlanta Super Con. Yaya's gonna be at that one so we'll have a super fancy reunion with her XDDDD

I'm thinking about going to Katsu, but it all depends on wiether I can either drive/carpool and get a room with people XD

But yeah...definate cons on my list for next year........MomoCon, Animazement, Otakon, AWA.

And Possible cons..........KatsuCon, MTAC, Anime Expo, MegaCon, MetroCon. (maybe more? LOL)

#38 Thelchterya on 10 years ago

If you go to MegaCon, you'll see me. I'll let you know later what my cosplays will be for that one. ^^

#39 Bur Loire on 10 years ago

OMG! That's awesome!
If I go I know for sure I'll be wearing my "The Dark" clow card cosplay most definately! XDDD <3333

#40 TybaltFlux on 10 years ago


Or should I say, Tybaltsbirthdaycon. Yup, that works. You should come, Bur! I've got room in my hotel/car (DEFINATELY car, I don't know if anyone else, 'cept one or two peeps, is coming up with me).

#41 Bur Loire on 10 years ago


If you do I'll SO be there! I've always wanted to go to Katsu.
OMG. I wanna finish Jote for that con OMFG. And maybe......CREED!!!!!???? =DDDDD

#42 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 10 years ago

I didnt like Katsucon [AT ALL], but i plan on either returning there or going to New York Comic Con to debut a comic costume i'll be making. I think my boyfriend likes Katsu though and really wants to go back.

#43 TybaltFlux on 10 years ago


Katsucon was so much fun last year, and although it was my first time going, it's in like my top three con experiences. And if your BF is going, Jessi, just tag along ;D. Just like I'm sure he'd wanna tag along to NYCC if you go XP.

P.S. Buuurrr, do you mind if I add ya on MSN/AIM when I get the chance? That way I won't spam up your PM box come Katsu-planning time or stuff like that, AND, that way I can continue to apologize profusely for breaking your claws =D.

#44 Gwiffen on 10 years ago

OI You guys have to kidnap me to Katsucon too! >_>

#45 alicat on 10 years ago

Ahh, I'd forgotten about this thread.. T.T

WELL HI THERE. I'm from Lexington where there is a sad lack of cosplayers.

@Jessie - I've never heard about Nashicon before. It's suuuper close to me!! I'll have to go next year. I'm gonna try and go to Xcon this year too if I can. :3

@Bur - OMG. MAB SHOOT. <3333 That would be amazing.~~

You all get to go to so many consss! -jealous- I've been trying to convince the 'rents to let me go to Katsucon. D: Not sure how that's going to turn out..