South Carolina Cosplayers

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#1 wrymon on 11 years ago

I was wondering if I was alone in this state.

Not to mention I'm looking for a few members for some groups :toothy:

#2 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 11 years ago

SC cosplayers are alone o.O LOL!
I'm from SC; Dillon County. I go to school at Coastal Carolina University so i've met quite a few anime fans, one cosplayer (she's from up north though!). I started a thread like this one years ago, but i don't think the population of SC cosplayers has changed much since least on these forums
If you live close to NC, like i do, it just seems easier to relate with those cosplayers, go to events/cons there, and join groups there...since there never seems to be enough cosplayers in SC.

#3 Iwiwal on 11 years ago

Yo. I'm originally from Alabama, but I go to school in SC.

#4 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 11 years ago

Iwiwal: where do you attend school at?

#5 Sapharia on 11 years ago

hi everyone! I've been interested in cosplaying for a few years, but I just started cosplaying this year. =D I've just moved to SC about 4 years ago and I live close to charleston.

#6 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 11 years ago

whoot! more SC cosplayers! Honestly, theres so few it makes me want to cry at times

#7 Lynnisincraze on 11 years ago

I'm in Columbia. There are four of us here, but they don't have accounts. And my sister goes to Costal Carolina. Weird. o.O

#8 Iwiwal on 11 years ago

I go to Furman in Greenville. I'll be heading back there tomorrow, actually. There are a couple other cosplayers enrolled there, whom I've met, but one of them is in Japan right now.

#9 Kaijugal on 11 years ago

I know there are anime fan/costumers in Columbia, although none of the ones I know about have accounts on currently to my knowledge.

#10 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 11 years ago

There probably would be more cosplayers in the larger areas then the smaller ones. Even in Myrtle Beach I've been unable to find any more. there are quite a few gamers and anime fans, however. That's a big improvement from my hometown

#11 Daft on 11 years ago

I just moved up to Florence, from Florida. I was wondering if there were more people in SC.

#12 !*Jessi-Chan*! on 11 years ago

you're really kidding arent you!?
That's like 20 minutes from me and i've never met anyone even AROUND here that knows the word cosplay

#13 F.K.A.Freya on 11 years ago

I've been living in SC for about...10 years now and I just started cosplaying last year. I love it! Making costumes for anime you love, it's awesome.

#14 alicat on 11 years ago

I live near Columbia. One of my friends cosplays with me here too. SC has a sad lack of cosplayers & cons. D: But it's nice to know there's at least a few more cosplayers here. :3

*waves to Iwiwal* Hi again. xD

#15 Bur Loire on 11 years ago

Hey guys! I live in Greenville SC!

I'm glad there are more than just me here XD <3