Princess Tutu 2010

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#1 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

[u][b]Princess Tutu Gathering 2010[/b][/u]

[b]Time:[/b]10:30 am
[b]Location:[/b] Fountains in Front, Hilton side

[b]People Count[/b] = 7 + a lot of maybes

[*] Trillian - Princess Tutu
[*] Lord Mouf Mouf - Princess Tutu Swan Lake version
[*] Lord Mouf Mouf's friend - Fakir
[*] CapeSwirlingGirl - Kraehe
[*] Yura Kyo Aures - Mr. Cat
[*] Rosebud - Ahiru sleeping beauty version
[*] Random Karen - Fakir

[*]Ka.GAMI - Princess Tutu
[*]Hime no Toki - Kraehe Odile version
[*]Hime no Toki's boyfriend - Fakir
[*]mlarad - Rue
[*]Rosebud and Random Karen's Group

Fanime Disclaimer: Fanime will be taking group pictures during the Gathering/Event this year. If you do not want to be included in those pictures please step aside for those photos. By remaining with the group when the pictures are being taken you give your consent to be photographed.

#2 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

I should have Odile version Kraehe for Fanime. My boyfriend is contemplating a Fakir costume, too.

#3 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

Yay another Kreahe! Look forward to seeing you're Odile version and really hope your boyfriend decides to cosplay Fakir.

#4 Ka.GAMI on 10 years ago

I will be going as Princess Tutu, more than likely. :3
If I can figure out a way to get my tutu down there without killing it, that is.
-paranoid about it- xD;;;

#5 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

Buttercup-chan I understand, tutus are...interesting to travel with :rolleyes: Are you flying or driving?

#6 Ka.GAMI on 10 years ago

Flying, sadly. xD I guess it just makes it all the more interesting!

#7 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

Yeah, that's my concern, too! Especially because mine is going to be a fairly wide pancake tutu, plus the feathers...I'll figure it out though!

#8 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

Last year my tutu made the 6hr. drive hanging upside down (sort of folded in half) very nicely, I just had to rig a way to hang it in the middle of the back seat. Flying is more interesting XD but you should be able to box it and check it. You might even be able to fold it in quarters to fit in a carry-on sized box without damage, just take it out as soon as you get checked in and fold it so that the bottom layer is on the outside, if that makes sense, so it won't get droopy :)

#9 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

I may ship it to a friend who lives out in Cali, to be on the safe side. I've travelled with massive petticoats before, as a carry-on, but I think the tutu might be a bit more of an issue. But yeah, I should be able to get everything situated. I'm really hoping this is a big gathering, I hardly ever see ANY Tutu cosplay.

#10 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

I'm hoping for that too. Last year we had around 7 people show up and then I saw others later on or on other days in Tutu cosplay so I'm hoping even more will come to the gathering this year.

#11 CapeSwirlingGrl on 10 years ago

*sigh* the database error has been keeping me from updating the 1st post for awhile now. Hopefully that will be fixed soon and I can update the list to reflect name changes and a few more people from the fanime forums. it is only the 1st post that won't edit...
with the random exception of the number count, that is correct, as long as that is the only thing I change the edit goes through *rolls eyes*

#12 Rosebud on 10 years ago

I've enjoyed going to the Fanime Tutu gathering since '08~ :3
So hopefully I'll make it to this one!

If all goes as planned, I'll be wearing Ahiru in the Sleeping Beauty outfit from episode six. My friend (Random Karen) should be joining me as Fakir. (Episode six outfit too.)
We'll have other friends wearing Tutu cosplays with us at some point during the weekend but I can't say for sure if that will be on the same day as the gathering.

#13 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

CapeSwirlingGrl - you can PM me the updated list and I can edit it if you want, since more people are joining. :D I'm really excited about this gathering! I got my Kraehe wig the other day and will be starting on the costume really soon. I am glad to see so many variations of the characters that will be cosplayed, too.

#14 NiGHTmaren on 10 years ago

Ok, so I figured I'd go ahead and open the floor for discussion on what day we plan on doing this. I am thinking Sunday would be the ideal day - anyone agree/disagree?

#15 LordMoufMouf on 10 years ago

I vote for Saturday! The Kuroshitsuji gathering is on Sunday, and that's going to be massive. It's was quite difficult for me to do a costume change when they were both on the same day (factoring in elevator wait times and makeup removal-reapplication). Plus, Saturday is the more popular day, and the Princess Tutu fandom deserves the attention. :D