Yu Yu Hakusho Cosplay

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#1 LoveAnime18 on 9 years ago

I didn't see one do this, so I figured if anyone would do it, I would.
Seeing how I love this series to death.

It's almost unheard of to do YYH cosplay anymore (At least to the cons I go to.)

But lately I've been seeing YYH groups springing up at various cons so I'm holding onto that small glimer of hope that YYH will have at least a somewhat comeback. XD

Anyone else game for YYH cosplay? Even if you've done it in the past please share your awesomeness. I've done both Hiei and Kurama. I do a new Kurama outfit every year. I'm grateful I have a lot of stuff to choose from. (Thank you official art XD)

Happy posting~

#2 GabrielDarkhawk on 9 years ago

I just got back into watching the series again on DVD, and Hiei has been on and off my list for a while now. Glad to know it's still around the cosplay circuit. Such a fun show. :)

#3 LoveAnime18 on 9 years ago

It's such a fun series to re-watch.
Every time I watch it there's another cosplay I want to do.

I've completed three Kurama outfits now. And I already planned which one I'm doing for next year.

#4 Shirukai on 9 years ago

I'm in love with Yu Yu Hakusho~ Even though it was one of the first animes I've watched, it still remains as my favorite.

My friend and I keep discussing on and off about two different "couples" to do. Kuronue and Youko, and Jin and Touya. I think the outfits are amazing, and would really love to go as them to a con eventually.

#5 LoveAnime18 on 9 years ago

That is a difficult choice.
I always solve my problems saying I'll do both.
It's why I'm doing all of Kurama's outfits.
I couldn't choose which one to do. Now it's a matter of what order to do them in XD

#6 zomgmissy on 9 years ago

YYH was the first anime I watched and the first manga I read, and I still love it five years later. At this point in time, there's no YYH cosplay in the near future for me, but I would love to do one maybe in 2010. It's just a matter of deciding who.

Hm, I could make it for AAC this year or squeeze it in for ConnectiCon, actually...

#7 Koto Heartilly on 9 years ago

I've recently decided to cosplay Botan.
Though my ideal cosplay from Yu Yu Hakusho is Koto, Botan is still on my list.
I'm saving Koto for next year, when I have my friend to go as Juri with me.

#8 Hee-Hee on 9 years ago

So far the only YYH cosplay I've done is Yusuke's Dark Tournament outfit, though I plan on doing a lot more in the future! I've also styled a wig for our group's Kuwabara, which was a lot of fun (and a total learning experience). XD

YYH rocks so much! I'm glad there's a thread for this great series!

#9 miyuhime on 9 years ago

It's hard to believe I've had my Dark Tournament Genkai for 3 years now (and I intended to make it 2 years before that). I'd like to branch out and do other costumes for this series, especially Kurama and Keiko, but Genkai just seems to fit my personality. ^^ I should look for a new wig, but finding that right shade of pink just sucks.

#10 dorapoch on 9 years ago

My brother loves YYH so if I take him to AX this year, I plan on making him a Yusuke cosplay. The school uniform would be ideal, but I still don't have any idea how to start it since I couldn't find any information about his uniform in the forums.

#11 Ryoko-and-Yami on 9 years ago

I love Yu Yu Hakusho. I need to finish my Kurama costume one day! And my sister needs to finish Botan.

#12 LoveAnime18 on 9 years ago

Seeing all these YYH cosplayers excite me!
Let's all bond over YYH cosplay... 'cuz it's the best way to bond XD

And I can't say this enough, HeeHee you seriously have the best Yuusuke ever!
You did an awesome job on Kuwa-chan's wig too XD

#13 MochaValentino on 9 years ago

Yay!! If anyone's gonna be in the Otakon area, come represent!!

I'll be going as Kuronue, btw. Should be fun to walk around in wings. But I think I found a good pair of contacts.

#14 LoveAnime18 on 9 years ago

I'm gonna buy contacts for my Kurama. I'm so excited to have green eyes XD
This weekend I'll be getting a few pics of my newest Kurama cosplay.
I'll post them here on Sunday (give or take a day)

#15 MochaValentino on 9 years ago

Looking forward to seeing it!!


I need your help. You all know YYH well, and I need help matching colors. Please take a look and let me know your opinion! [url=http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php?t=170225]My wig thread[/url]


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