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#16 fabrickind on 8 years ago


When I cosplayed Ryth, I had quite a few people recognize me, actually. Certainly more than thought I was a really bad Miku Hatsune, which was a surprising number of people, so that's a good sign, at least.

Well, with Rob Zombie gone (which was terrible and didn't fit the game), I won't be able to use his tags, I guess...but that's what my DC copy is for, right? Hopefully they'll replace the music with something good.

I have a feling I'll have to help my sis get all the achievements, haha. ;P

#17 DarkFujin on 8 years ago


I have a feling I'll have to help my sis get all the achievements, haha. ;P[/QUOTE]

I don't think they've said what the achievements are yet, but yeah, I'll let you achievement hunt for me.

#18 Animegirl13 on 8 years ago

[QUOTE=DarkFujin;4322229]No, they're releasing an HD version of the original Dreamcast game on XBLA/PSN. We're just hoping that if enough people buy it, Sega will see enough demand for these games to make a third one.


Oh right, I get it now. Though unfortunately I only have an original Xbox, which is annoying since I never got to play the original Dreamcast game...:(

#19 ULTIMATE KASUMI on 8 years ago

So the port will have removed music? Oh well. I have my hard copy right here. :/

Here's hope the Shenmue HD port will be a perfect port along with Skies Of Arcadia.

#20 Kaze Saffire on 8 years ago


In loving memory of J5. Seriously. That was one of THE only songs I listened to in that entire game. I might just have to pay that $10-$20 for a copy at New York Comic Con next year for another copy ( my first copy got scratched beyond playability. So I bought it to my grandmothers house a state over randomly one time and it disappeared. Now I sad face at night )


As long as this song is still in the game I shall be downloading it.

#21 Django117 on 8 years ago

I applaud you so much for knowing the game. JSRF has been one of my favorites ever since it came out. The soundtrack is amazing too. I love it so.

#22 Mesoian on 8 years ago


FUCKING AWESOME! They got everything except 1 song! That's unheard of!

By Hideki Naganuma (SEGA)
“Grace and Glory”
“Humming the Bassline”
“Let Mom Sleep”
“Moody’s Shuffle”
“Rock It On”
“Sweet Soul Brother”
“That’s Enough”

By Guitar Vader
“Super Brothers”
“Magical Girl”

By Deavid Soul
“Dunny Boy Williamson Show”
“Miller Ball Breakers”
“On the Bowl (A.Fargus Remix)”
“Up-Set Attack”

Also including such popular tracks as …
“Electric Tooth Brush” by Toronto
“Everybody Jump Around” by Richard Jacques
“OK House” by Idol Taxi
“Bout the City” by Reps
“Funky Radio” by B.B. Rights
“Mischievous Boy” by Castle Logical
“Yellow Bream” by F-Fields
“Just Got Wicked” by Cold
“Dragula” by Rob Zombie
“Slow” by Professional Murder Music
“Improvise” by Jurassic 5
“Patrol Knob” by Mixmaster Mike
“Recipe for the Perfect Afro” by Feature Cast
“Funky Plucker” by Semi Detached

#23 TheAnarCHris on 8 years ago

#24 DarkFujin on 8 years ago

Holy crap!! That was NOT the outcome I expected. Way to go, SEGA!

#25 Kaze Saffire on 8 years ago

Improvise and Everybody Jump Around are in the game. Dear summer...HURRY THE F**K UP AND GET HERE!!!