GET YO' GUNS ON! 2011 Sengoku Basara

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#1 Enkai on 9 years ago

Nobody's started a thread for this, so I might as well. Anybody up for a Sengoku Basara gathering? I know my husband's bringing Oda Nobunaga, and I have a goal of getting Nouhime re-dyed and put back together by then. Saturday's best for us, but we'll be up for other considerations. I know that we spend a lot of time getting my husband into his costume, so Friday *may* work, but Monday definitely won't what with checkout and all that.

Time-wise, it *could* be as early as 11 or so on Saturday (again, a lot of time needed getting into costume), but later's probably preferable. If it's on Friday, for us, a bit later (3 at the earliest? would be best). Sunday -- again, open for discussion. We'd prefer not Sunday so as not to conflict with the Kuroshitsuji gathering, whose time has not been determined. However, this one will take priority, so regardless, we will be coming.

[b]Day:[/b] Saturday? (open for discussion)
[b]Time:[/b] TBD (discuss!)
[b]Meeting place/location[/b] Again, discuss, but the fountains make the most sense. I'm thinking over on the Hilton side near the trees since that way we're out of traffic flow a lot more (and risking less damage to costumes).

[i]Oda Nobunaga[/i] - Satoi
[i]Nouhime[/i] - Enkai
[i]Motochika/Kanbe[/i] - Tenshiryuu (maybe?)
[i]Mori Motonari[/i] -Yukari Kaiba
[i]Sarutobi Sasuke[/i] - Chaosbark
[i]Date Masamune[/i] - Knight of Infinity
[i]Ishida Mitsunari[/i] - Varnani

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#2 Tenshiryuu on 9 years ago

Well, if I can make it up to Fanime this year, I'll totally be bringing Motochika and Kanbei.

#3 Yukari Kaiba on 9 years ago

You can count me in! I'll be bringing Mori Motonari =D

#4 Enkai on 9 years ago

Sweet, got you down!

#5 Varnani on 9 years ago

I'm definitely going to try to have Mitsunari done by Fanime~ :D

#6 Enkai on 9 years ago

Updated! Also, if you haven't noticed, I added a little blurb on location. I remember last year was a bit of a pain because we were so near the doors in the big costumes, so I figure being out of the immediate flow of traffic would be better.

#7 ewwiikk on 9 years ago

Depending on the time I should be able to make it as Ieyasu Tokugawa from SB3.

#8 Tenshiryuu on 9 years ago

Looks like Fanime is a go for me! Will be arriving late Fri night/early Sat morning so anytime later in the day is good for me!

#9 thisiscyrene on 9 years ago

Count me in for either Black alt color Date or purple PolkaDate!

#10 ninjagal6 on 9 years ago

ok I think depending on what my group does, I'll do Magoichi or Kotaro (if Kotaro, then I would have a Sasuke and Kasuga too)

#11 lexy-chan on 8 years ago

I'll be wearing Date on Sunday since Saturday's too hectic for me, but I'd love to stop by and take pictures! :]

#12 Mizuki Kazakaru on 8 years ago

This might sound strange, but I'll be cosplaying as Masamune from Pop'n Music and my friend will be Masamune from Basara.
I know I'm a foreign Masamune, but would I be able to attend anyway?
I love Basara and I'd love to meet other people.

Just thought I'd ask, wouldn't want to show up and get glared at.
. ____. ;;

#13 Yukari Kaiba on 8 years ago

sooo any idea yet of what time we're meeting on Saturday? Should probably figure something out soon being as the con is next month.

#14 Varnani on 8 years ago

I was hoping we could have it before 1 or so? I'm going to the MvC gathering, which is looking like it's going to be at 1 ><

Also I'm probably not going to rush the rest of Mitsunari's costume, so I'll be wearing Kasuga instead.

#15 ninjagal6 on 8 years ago

Yup I'll be doing magoichi saika. Im still seeing how the schedule works out but I'll try to make it.