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#1 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

So I'm going to be making a huge pair of wings within the next month, and I'm going to use cardboard as a base ... but I can't find any boxes big enough! I went to 2 different places asking for super large boxes, and they both told me that they crush all of their boxes and didn't have any to give me.

My question is, where can I go to get really big boxes? Like, 60" tv or refrigerator boxes ... The 2 places I already checked are Fry's electronics and MicroCenter ... I'm hoping to check out a Best Buy next week, but I was wondering if anyone knew of another couple of places I could check, cuz I'm just drawing blanks now, lol.

Thanks so much!

#2 cosplay_luvur on 5 years ago

Most of your stores will crush their boxes depending on when you go ask for them and/or the baler is broken or no management is around to make a bale. Some stores however may keep a pile stashed somewhere its all a matter of looking and patience! ^^
You can buy cardboard boxes which sounds stupid, but you can if you have a certain time limit.
Just look around and maybe ask them if they can keep larger boxes piled up and pick a time to go pick them up! ^^

Wish you best of luck!

#3 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

Hardware stores may carry some you could use, but you'd have to buy them..Just depends on what you're local one carries..

You can try places that specifically sell companies big cardboard. I know my dad told me where his work gets them but I gotgot the name..I think it was U-Line, but I could be mistaken..Anyway, if you have one near you (we have one down the road) they sell then in different sized sheets and you can go in the front doors and buy them off the company. my dad's work gets 8'x8' sheets for like $6..It's better then waiting and possibly not getting anything if you are in a hurry..

My other suggestion would be to call a store that carries the items those big boxes would come in. Usually places that sell grills, or stand-alone freezers, or big things like that, will get them in 2 per box (as in they arrive in a shipment box with 2 items in their own boxes). if you call and ask when their shipment days are because you need a huge box, they more then likely will tell you. Then make sure to call that morning right after opening time.Tell them on the phone that day that you need them to save the big boxes and you will pick them up. They will usually rwrite your name down and tell the freight crew to save them. Then give it a few hours and go in.

Hope this helps

#4 Sinnocent on 5 years ago

Thanks so much guys!

JasonTerror ~ =O I'm totally gonna have to check that place out, thanks so much! I hope there is one around me XD Oh man if I could get an 8'x8' piece for $6 I would TOTALLY buy that XDD

Thanks again guys! ^_______^

#5 Jei-Cos on 5 years ago

I looked it up for you. I'll PM you

#6 Penlowe on 5 years ago

Michael's frame shop. BUT you need to go ask in advance and be willing to make a second trip the day they call you to collect. The biggest boxes they get are 42" x 62" x 2".

They both get large boxes and keep sheets of cardboard on hand for storing art. It depends on the store and the framer, but I give away boxes to people who ask nicely. Frame shops take delivery of their boxes Monday through Friday, no weekends. In a busy store they will get stuff every day. They break down the boxes as soon as they are empty unless we have a person waiting on them. I frequently have notes at work "please call Mrs. Smith when you unpack today, she needs 2 boxes".