Crossplaying Anna Dewitt/Elizabeth

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#1 Casslemen on 5 years ago

Hey Everyone. I'm working on my first crossplay for Bioshock Infinites Elizabeth. Ran into some issues regrading corset size and making the fake cleavage (have read the topic on this and still troubled).

Budget: No budget, I want to make this perfect, I want no one to even know i'm a male.
Materials: Would like to use real materials that was used in the game. This is simple, the outfit is velvet and a corset.
Time: I have until August

1. I Made made the Skirt, made it using dark blue silk velvet with a under net lining to give it the "bell" shape and have a silk white lining that hides the net and gives the 3 inch white trim at the bottom. No issues here.

2. The Corset: In progress, I aim to make the corset exactly like liz's. Using a pure white corset design and adding in dark blue bones to give the strip appearance. Then adding dark blue trim around it. The corset will have the lacing in the back and the small lace trim around the bust.
My issue is giving the appearance of having cleavage. Its a corset so using a bra or stuffing wont work. I have seen many just make do without showing any cleavage, from my point of view that just doesn't look or seem right to me. I am aiming to confuse the unsure and jaw drop those that see my greatness. :P

3: The jacket, incomplete. The design is simple and wont take more a few days and couple bucks to do.

Any help and suggestions let me know.

#2 Chryso on 5 years ago

If you truly have no budget and really, really want to have cleavage, I suggest silicone breast forms that transwomen use. It's pricey at a starting price of $500 or so, but that's the best. Much like prosthesis, they are glued into place and the edges blended out to match the rest of the skin.
Eg [url][/url]
An expensive but wonderful example: [url][/url]
There might be a cheaper alternative if you go for the lower quality options, or if you want to make it yourself.

If that's well beyond budget, the next best thing you could do is use lifts to push your breast tissue together, and use makeup to contour, contour, contour.
If you could post a reference image of the corset we might be able to give more advice.

#3 Kelley on 5 years ago

Well, a good deal of what you'll want to do will depend on what you look like naturally and what you will want to counter-act or conceal - and the way you've chosen to make the skirt and jacket will have a huge impact on that. If you have smaller hips, I'd highly recommend padding them as it's one of the biggest things you can do to change people's perception of you.

For the cleavage, Chryso's links are the only way to really make it 100% realistic.

You do have room to hide a bra under her jacket, so you could use that, tape, makeup, and perhaps some pads in the bra to work with what you have as effectively as possible.

You could also make her corset come up higher and not show cleavage - but still have the shape of breasts in the pattern.