Shaving issues

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#1 Maurishio-kun on 5 years ago

Not sure if this thread goes here, but I'd like to know how do you deal with shaving when the results are:

1 - Remaining hairs that the machine didn't cut in first passing
2 - Hair points that are no longer long but still visible and skin feels like sandpaper
3 - Dark or pink spots on the skin were there were hairs
4 - Irritation

I have all those issues when shaving and at least I saw that the 4th one and cutting can be a just a little cured with Nivea Creme even when it feels a little during the day, but 1, 2 and 3 are the ones that often give me a headache.

Is there a way to deal with them?

#2 Drazhar on 5 years ago

Depends on what machine you're using for starters.

#3 Maurishio-kun on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Drazhar;4668449]Depends on what machine you're using for starters.[/QUOTE]

One similar to this at the time:
But I sometimes use this one

#4 Drazhar on 5 years ago

I wouldn't have called those machines... hopefully you're only shaving after a warm shower to open the pores as much as possible, and using proper shaving cream/foam.

There's no shame in using a product like skintimate.

I use a bodygroomer by philips norelco now, so I left the manual way behind. Still getting used to the trials and tribulations associated with that way.

#5 Arbite on 5 years ago

Invest in a good razor. I'm a big fan of double edge safety razors. Expensive at first, but considering the blades are so cheap its worth it.

For starters, I shave after I've showered, that way the hair is soft and my pores are open. While showering use a facial cleanser, get all the crap off you're skin.

After that, use a good lather of shaving cream. One you start shaving covert each area three times. Once along the grain, once at 90 degrees to the grain, then one final pass against. After, wash your face with COLD water. This helps prevent razor burn. Throw on done aftershave and your done.

Shaving is an activity that should be enjoyed and a good shave takes time. Follow these steps and it will feel completely smooth.

#6 Scorpion89 on 5 years ago

Back when I used to shave (Have full beard now) I would shave while I was taking a shower, take a very hot shower get the steam build up and then shave. While it might sound weird by shaving while showering you open your skin and also at the very end after you finish shaving take another razor get it hot under the water and do a cleaning shave (Us Military Guys called it a water shave) this will help slow down beard growth.

#7 emmisu on 5 years ago

I also have this problem:
My hair is really dark so no matter how well I shave there's little black spots left or they appear within hours.

Anyone have tips for that? I try to wax but it hurts too much to do it myself and it's too expensive to get it done :(

#8 momoyome on 5 years ago

I use a moisturizing shave cream and leave it on the hair for a minute or two in the shower, then I shave WITH the grain first (so if shaving my legs, from the knee to the ankle). Then I shave against the grain (from ankle to knee) after I reapply shaving cream. The twice over in two different directions really does make a difference. Also, use a pumice stone a lot will make the hairs a bit finer over time. Really helps.

#9 empyriel101 on 5 years ago

Have you ever tried hair removal cream? I can't do wax, it just hurts too much. But I use the hair removal cream once or twice a week and it really helps.