Guide to Naked Snake Cosplay

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#1 TheOrange on 10 years ago

I've set up a little guide based on some of the stuff I learned when I was putting together my Naked Snake cosplay for the 07 SDCC. Includes links, assembly instructions etc.


Please enjoy!

#2 Ergheiz Zero on 10 years ago

Cool, that is sweet. I might use your guide to help make my MSX Metal Gear Solid Snake (That's right OLD school) since its gonna be close to that as possible, especially the earpiece. Though it will all depend on my time and money after my other planned cosplays for this year. If not then I might have him good to go for next year.

Again, much thanks on that guide though :bigtu:

#3 akira_chan on 10 years ago

This is a pretty nice walkthrough, although you should also post this in the MGS thread we have as well, that way people can use it there.

#4 DarkFury on 10 years ago

Good work, I enjoyed reading it. Great stuff for the base Big Boss outfit, and good starting point even to those who do one of his alternate costumes.

#5 TheOrange on 10 years ago

Thanks, DarkFury! It took me forever to find some of this stuff or figure out a decent way to make things like the radio or the stabo harness, so I figured i'd make it easier for people. I'll be updating it as time goes on, too.

I have some ideas for a stabo harness 2.0. We'll see how that pans out.